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Richard Alpert Gets His Close Up

Mike Allen is already predicting tonight’s “Lost” will be a Top 5 episode of all time. So far as we know he’s not basing that on any spoilers or leaks, merely the fact that — finally — Richard Alpert gets the spotlight.

Since we know Mike dislikes having to Google his “Lost” links, we’ll provide them here: recaps of “The Variable” by Doc Jensen and Vozzek69 (they have very different takes on Eloise Hawking; we side with the latter), plus the Wikipedia page for Ram Dass ( “servant of God”), the real life Richard Alpert. Maybe tonight we’ll discover that the fictional Richard Alpert also conducted experiments with magic mushrooms and LSD. (Might explain the eyeliner. And, for that matter, everything else.)


One thought on “Richard Alpert Gets His Close Up

  1. well, if nothing else….this is easily the most confused Richard has seemed.

    (he’s RA…..seriously…..)

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