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We Finished.

Due to a technical snafu, our finish times for yesterday’s Flying Pig Half-Marathon were incorrectly reported. Here are race photos along with accurate finish times.


0303907P OLY W 10000M X

Erin Vore at mile twelve. Finish time: 1:09:02.



Ben crossing the finish line in a record 9.72 seconds.



Scooter Thomas would’ve finished by the end of the week until he stopped at a local Kroger for a nap in the frozen foods aisle.


You can check out other action shots at Cicakblog. Thanks to our fantastic cheering section — the Cicaks, the Sweeneys and the Kloeszs — and its expert positioning at the start of the grueling climb into Eden Park. (The second photo of Ben is his ill-advised attempt at a Frank the Tank impersonation.)

Back to the morphine drip.


6 thoughts on “We Finished.

  1. Ben- I had forgotten about your Jamaican roots. Totally explains your mad dancing skills and sense of rhythm.

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