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This Ends The Jazz Posting.

The end of Utah’s season also means — to the relief of 98% of the Voreblog readership — the end of Utah Jazz posts. At least until next October.

But the Voreblog NBA Playoffs Readers Forum goes on. Throughout the playoffs, we’ll keep that forum going for those of you desperate for an NBA fix. Eager for Scott Guldin’s take on the resurgent Bulls? Or the latest on inter-office romantic tension at Yellow Thunder’s place of employment? Or Andrew Cashmere’s most recent love poem to his man crush Bruce Bowen? Then chime in!


3 thoughts on “This Ends The Jazz Posting.

  1. Not even. Remember the time when I beat you in a best-of-five NBA Live tourney and you wanted to make it a best of seven? But I was tired because it was 4 a.m. so I said I was going to sleep? And then you got all salty on me?

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