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Friday Recommends: Carlos Boozer

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Deron Williams advises Carlos Boozer where to get his next tattoo. Jazz rule.


He’s been much-maligned in Salt Lake all season. But Carlos Boozer’s 23 points and 22 rebounds — and a left-hand flush late in the game which led Denys Lai to text Ben, “Boozer is a manimal!” — helped Utah salvage its playoff dignity and at least entertain the possibility of making a series of it against Los Angeles.

Suck it, Lakers.


[photo: The Deseret News]


10 thoughts on “Friday Recommends: Carlos Boozer

  1. Playoff basketball is a funny thing, isn’t it? The Bulls and Jazz both find themselves on the wrong end of a 2-1 deficit. Yet the two series couldn’t feel more different. Whereas the Jazz found new life last night and can at least hope to turn this into a series, the Bulls are completely cooked. Done. Finito.

    On a related note, Doug Collins would like you to know that if you are a jump shooter, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of making easy buckets (think: layups or free throws). The psychological boost of seeing the ball go through the net just might be the break you need to start making those 18-footers. Keep that in mind.

  2. I wish Doug Collins would address the issue of whether or not it’s important to finish strong at the end of a quarter or half. Is this advantageous for a team that seeks victory?

  3. Hahaha. Scott, if you think the Jazz have a Nic Cage chance of getting an Oscar in winning this series, then I have a bag of steaming poop to sell you! (As a foreigner, I have never understood the bridge in Brooklyn reference. Someone wikipedia that mess for me.)

    Also, I would like to request that my last name be ommitted in future references. First, my paranoia of a Monica Seles type of stalker situation keeps me up at night. Second and more importantly, I think I have earned enough street cred to be a one-name-guy like Madonna or Cher. At the very least, can I be assigned a cool handle like Jerry Grit, Scooter Thomas, or even Maverick? Thanks!

  4. “Maverick,”

    I know what you mean. My point wasn’t really that the Jazz have a shot to win the series. Let’s be honest: they don’t. At all.

    My point was that when I awoke this morning, the Lakers-Jazz SEEMED much more competitive than Celts-Bulls, even though a mere 24 hours ago people were talking, straight-facedly, about the Bulls making an appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals. (Not me, mind you. But people.) [Ben, can you link to Simmons’ latest column here?]

    It’s not entirely out of the question that the Jazz could win another game. The Bulls, though? With Vinny Del Negro at the helm (propped up as he is by Del Harris and Bernie Bickerstaff, whose contribution to the team seems to top out at “whispering gibberish during timeouts”)? Not so much.

    And if you think I didn’t write all of that to try to put a reverse jinx on the Bulls, I have a cat toupee that you can rent with an option to buy.

  5. Scott — You seem to have a pretty clear-eyed assessment of the Bulls chances. The only thing you failed to mention? Aaron Gray.

    Here’s the Simmons link.

    “Maverick” — What mess exactly should I be wikipediaing for you? You lost me back there.

    Brad — Excellent point. I’d hate to see a repeat of the Kings/Lakers 2002 Western Finals Game Six. Watching it again makes me sick. But the Jazz don’t stand of chance of being up 3-2 like Sacramento was. Unless Mehmet Okur’s “injury” is an advanced medical procedure where they are injecting him with Wilt Chamberlain’s DNA and he averages 78.4 ppg the rest of the series.

  6. I have nothing to say about the Jazz… However, I do LOVE the new pic at the top! Someone has Colorado Fever!!! Wilco is playing at Red Rocks on July 3rd… I’ll buy Voreblog tickets if they come!!!

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