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Is it too soon to say: Worst. Readers. Forum. Ever? 

Golden Readers, we are disheartened.

If anyone has any advice of any kind, there’s still time to share it here.

We would advise that if you have not already seen David Simon’s appearance on “Bill Moyers Journal” last week, you do so here.

Hearing Simon talk about the correlation between the decline of newspapers and the decline of civic institutions made us think of … the decline of NBA beat reporting and Kevin Garnett’s injury?


8 thoughts on “Thud

  1. Chalk that one up to technical glitch and not Ben’s poor editorial judgment. It went to the spam folder because a link was included. Now posted.

  2. I would wager that the Vores are fans of “Bowling Alone”.

    Cathleen and I were leaving a restaurant the other day next to a shriners/elks(?) lodge and we saw the men entering the lodge. All were at least 60. It opened a great conversation about how much things have changed. Could you see me, Ben, Erik, and Tad going off to our Elks meeting?

    Is the internet, indeed this very blog, our Elks Club?

  3. I don’t know about advice I’ve received, but I’m darn good at giving it. Here it is- if you Golden Readers want to feel young- go to the Two for Tuesdays at the Iron Skillet in Newtown. Median age: 81. Food: Delicious and chewable. Sorry for the rambling. Am sick and may be hopped up on Grappa and Benzadrine.

  4. Best advice my mother gave me 33 years ago…keep separate checking accounts and your own credit card. Not for everyone, but works for me!

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