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Calling All Old Timers (er, “Golden Readers”): The Tenth Voreblog Readers Forum


If you can Wii, you can definitely join the Readers Forum.


We alluded to Donna Vore, Ben’s mom, in yesterday’s “Voreplay” post. And we poked a little fun at her for calling it “the YouTube” instead of just “YouTube.” But the truth is, we could get away with it because Donna does not read Voreblog. It’s not because she isn’t a wonderful, supportive mother who devoutly cares about her son and daughter-in-law — it’s that the day-to-day commitment of checking a blog eludes her. In her defense, it does take the Vore’s home computer about ten minutes to boot AOL. (AOL! we hear many of you young whipper-snappers hooting. Yes, tis true.)

Just because Donna isn’t a regular Voreblog reader doesn’t mean that there aren’t others of you out there in the “parent” demographic who make it a point to check in now and then. We ran into one of you (John Tolos) last week. You said, “I’ve tried reading your blog a couple times but it’s a little past me. I’ll tell you which one I liked though: that one about the grandchildren.” 

Not to stereotype, but our oldest demographic seems to share John’s view. They like posts about grandchildren. They like posts about our parents wanting grandchildren. They seem less enthralled with anything having to do with pop culture in general and Nic Cage in particular. So what’s on the minds of our senior demographic? 

Pardon us before we go any farther, but instead of “oldest,” “parent” or “senior” demographic, can we just call you, say, our Golden Readers? Is that offensive? Better than Old Farts? We know this is a sensitive subject. Some families howl and cackle about age (even death) while others tiptoe around it like it’s a slumbering bear. We know. We descended from one of each.

So “Golden Readers” is okay? We mean it when we say that we don’t think of you as old. If you’re our parents age, you’re not old. You’re just our parents or our friends’ parents. Some of you officially qualify as senior citizens now, but you’re not senior citizens to us. You see the dilemma here? What we don’t want is for you to think we’re joking around behind your back, jabbing our thumbs in your direction and whispering, “Hey, who invited the fogies?” Trust us, we’re not doing that. Really.

As a way of officially recognizing you Golden Readers and inviting you into the conversation, we’d like to dedicate our Tenth Readers Forum to you. This naturally lead us to ask, What would an Old Tim–we mean, a “Golden Reader” — want to discuss in a Readers Forum? We generally like to do Top 5 lists. Top 5 favorite grandchildren? Top 5 Harrison Ford movies? Top 5 favorite colonoscopies? (Sorry, below the belt.) We decided maybe Top 5 lists are a generational thing. So we racked our brains a little while longer until we finally came up with this:

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

It could be about life. Marriage. Work. Faith. Colonoscopies. Anything. It just has to be good advice that someone gave to you.

As always, anyone is free to comment and share his or her wisdom, which resides in young and old alike. But here are a few disclaimers we make specifically to you, Golden Readers, for your peace of mind:

  1. Commenting on our blog does not mean faceless cyber-criminals will hack into your bank account. The only thing you will expose yourself to by sharing your thoughts in the Readers Forum is the unconditional love of the virtual Voreblog community.
  2. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address, but that does not mean anyone else gets to see it. Only us. And only so we know you are not a cyber-criminal trying to hack into our bank account. 
  3. We don’t share or sell your e-mail address to third parties who want to sell you time shares in Florida. Unless the price is right, of course. Or we’re really hard up for some cash.
  4. No, seriously. We don’t do that. Seriously.
  5. You also won’t get e-mail spam about penis size enhancement. Unless you’ve specifically requested it via other sites.


So, Golden Readers, lead the way! You have a captive audience. We sit at your feet awaiting your pearls of wisdom.


10 thoughts on “Calling All Old Timers (er, “Golden Readers”): The Tenth Voreblog Readers Forum

  1. Whenever we bring up blogs with parents, I always make a point to see if they’ve read Voreblog lately. They never have. The consistent comment is that there are too many words or that Voreblog is over their head.

    Voreblog is the Sunday New York Times to Sweeneyblog’s USA Today or Cicakblog’s Frisch’s menu. Clearly Voreblog is much more entertaining and informative, but Golden Readers want short sidebars and pictures of onion rings, not a lengthy encomium to Nic Cage. In short, this is why you have trouble attracting Golden Readers:

    1. They want pictures.
    2. They want pictures of grandchildren.
    3. They want grandchildren.
    4. They don’t love you because you voted for Obama.

    You can work on at least three of those things. In the meantime, here is a picture of grandchildren for everyone to enjoy.

  2. I have so much honey that I’m just dying to share with a grandchild, buy you continue to torture my soul by denying me.

    P.S. I don’t love you because you voted for Obama.

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