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The Vores give Adventureland two thumbs up!


BEN: There were about five things going for this movie right out of the gate. One: It’s set in western Pennsylvania. Two: It was filmed at Kennywood, Pittsburgh’s premiere amusement park attraction. Three: It stars Jesse Eisenberg, whose character James is a close relative of the character Eisenberg played in the exceptional The Squid & The Whale. Four: Yo La Tengo did the score. Five: The vintage 80s soundtrack includes The Velvet Underground, The Cure, The Rolling Stones, Big Star, Hüsker Dü and David Bowie.

ERIN: I would add one more item to that list: The comedic duo of Bill Heder and Kristen Wiig, the husband-and-wife team running Adventureland. My favorite scene involved the two of them making prize bananas with googly eyes and an eye patch.

BEN: When I saw them in the trailer I’ll admit that I expected the movie to be more slapstick, especially since it was directed by Greg Mottola, whose last film was Superbad.

ERIN: It certainly wasn’t raunchy like Superbad.

BEN: It wasn’t. What it was is exactly the kind of dry, bittersweet, coming-of-age summer love story that I’m a sucker for.

ERIN: You are a sucker for those. 

BEN: Being somewhat a child of the late 80s, do you think perhaps I am the target audience and that my estimation of the film could be inflated?

ERIN: You’re really more a child of the early 90s, but I do not think Adventureland’s charms are exclusive to your particular demographic. 

BEN: Speaking of Superbad, do you think Eisenberg’s character James was separated at birth from Michael Cera?

ERIN: Yes, but he was more like the “Arrested Development”/George Michael Michael Cera than the Superbad/Evan Michael Cera.

BEN: He also had a slightly more intellectual bent. I mean, he did have a bachelor’s degree in comparative lit with a Renaissance-studies minor.

ERIN: His character kind of reminded me of you.

BEN: Wait, is that a good thing?

ERIN: Yeah. You should take it as a compliment.

BEN: Seeing him made me keep comparing this film to The Squid & The Whale.

ERIN: Which one comes out on top?

BEN: Well, they’re very different films. Adventureland was more light-hearted. It had a gentler ending.

ERIN: The ending was perfect.

BEN: Let’s not reveal it here so as not to spoil it.

ERIN: Fair.

BEN: The Squid & The Whale was darker and far less of a crowd-pleaser, although I think it had a perfect ending too.

ERIN: It was more provocative. But Adventureland was perfect for a vacation movie. I loved it.

BEN: I expect we’ll be seeing it in the Vore DVD library sometime before the end of the year.

ERIN: I expect we will. Speaking of vacations, isn’t Katie Stratman the perfect host?

BEN: She is a host par excellence. Although I have eaten about thirty-two of her famous cookies since we arrived.

ERIN: That’s like a cookie an hour.

BEN: She also paid for our movie tickets!

ERIN: That she did.

BEN: Can you think of any reason not to want to come to Denver and stay with Katie Stratman?

ERIN: I have thought long and hard on this, and the conclusion I have reached is “No.”

BEN: Fair.

ERIN: Highs and lows of the trip so far?

BEN: Two words: Tattered. Cover.

ERIN: I’ve gotta go with brunch at Lucile’s Creole Cafe.

BEN: I never thought I would say this, but I would kill somebody in cold blood to get more of those biscuits.

ERIN: Lows?

BEN: Aside from that two-year-old on the plane?

ERIN: Oh yeah. Say no more.


4 thoughts on “Adventureland

  1. We went out without you Voreblog. We saw a movie that was sooo AWESOME. Much better than Adventureland. Much, much better. It was soo Goood. And we saw it. Without you. Did not even think about calling you.
    At all.

  2. We didn’t even think about you two while we were at our movie. Not once. Outta site, outta mind. Yessiree. We’ve over you. So over you.

    Really. Honestly.


    Please come back.

  3. Yea! I need a funny movie to love. Esp. if it has a nic 80’s s.track, because i AM an 80’s kid. I used to read Dynamite.

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