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And the winner is…


We have a winner!


Congratulations to Tad Smith, winner of the free date with Voreblog! Tad correctly guessed that the first Nic Cage movie we watched together was The Rock, where Nic played the role of Dr. Stanley Goodspeed. Dr. Goodspeed is an FBI chemical weapons expert with the know-how to disarm VX gas warheads. But he’s also kind of a wuss — until, that is, 81 innocent civilians are taken hostage on Alcatraz and Goodspeed is paired with the grizzled ex-con John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery), the only person ever to escape Alcatraz. The hostage-taker, Brigadier General Francis Xavier Hummel, is played by Ed Harris … who devoted Cage fans will remember from his role as the baddie Mitch Wilkinson in another Nic Cage blockbuster, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. In that film, Harris plays a man who uses Cage to discover Cibola, the lost city of gold, by conning Cage into believing he is descended from conspirators in the murder of Abraham Lincoln. (When will Ed Harris learn?)

So congratulations to Tad for winning a free date with Voreblog.* He was not at home earlier tonight when we pulled up with TV news cameras, a giant cardboard check and Ed McMahon, and therefore could not be reached for comment.**

Even though we won’t be paying for your ticket, we hope you’ll still join us tomorrow night for a special viewing of Knowing, which we’ve unabashedly called the worst movie of all time.

Kenwood Towne Theatre. Seven o’clock in the food court. (Movie starts at 7:15.) Don’t forget — it’s five dollar Tuesday! If you do plan on coming, could you kindly RSVP in the comments field? If we’re going to be stood up, we’d like to brace ourselves in advance.



* = Consolation prize goes to our runner-up: sister/sister-in-law Ellen, who guessed Peggy Sue Got Married, the second Nic Cage movie we watched together. Ellen, should you be able to attend Tuesday night, we will buy your popcorn.

** = Reached by phone after this posted, Tad regretfully informed us he is working Tuesday night and cannot attend. He did, however, appreciate the irony that he of all people would win a free ticket to see a Nic Cage movie. Tad officially has the right to pick another winner in his place. Let the bidding begin.


7 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. I cant believe it wasnt Moonstruck. Well, at least that fish didnt win.

    Who picked The Rock, Ben or Erin?

    Is The Rock the only Cage film in a Criterion Edition?

    Can it now be disclosed why Sister Ellen wished to have me disqualified for ‘private reasons’?

    I will be there Tuesday.

  2. Thank you for switching the comments. I can now bear to read them again.

    I will not be there Tuesday. Should my plans change, however, and include travel to the great state of Ohio, I will be sure and let you know right away.

  3. Is there really a winner when the prize is seeing a Nic Cage movie? Here are some other prizes you could have given away I would have been just as excited about:

    -The chance to wash your car
    -Your student loan debt
    -A pillow case full of poop

    Having said that, I am interested in seeing Knowing on Tuesday. We will have to check on the babysitting, homework, and broken collar bone situations, but if all of those things fall into place, we would love to watch a terrible movie with my least favorite actor of all time with you.

    Also, I’m looking forward to tasting your Stromboli tonight.

  4. Wow! A free ticket for Mr. Cashmere if he can make it Tuesday night. And why find a babysitter? Perhaps it’s time for the youngest Cashmere to see her first Nic Cage flick.

  5. Free popcorn! That prize may, in fact, be more valuable than a ticket (on Tuesdays anyway). Will have to give serious thought to attending this evening.

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