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Lost Forum: “He’s Our You”


“Let me take you to the dining hall, young Benjamin, where the Sorting Hat will tell you what house you’re in.”


Holy Moses!

We don’t usually do this, but before we recap last night’s episode we want to be verrrry sure you’ve already seen it. Because otherwise this recap would be quite the spoiler. So if you haven’t, go watch it now. We’ll wait.

[43 minutes pass]

I know! Holy Moses! 

Let’s get down to business:

  • While not part of the actual episode, we have been invited back to Dusty & Lauren’s exclusive “Lost” dinner club. The teriyaki chicken (featuring Lauren’s homemade sauce) is superb, as is the delectable asparagus and the light, playful Pinot Grigio. Five stars.
  • Sayid grew up killing chickens, which in Iraq makes you a Man.
  • Post-island Sayid kills a Russian dude, which is his last assignment as Ben’s killer.*
  • Apparently displeased with the long term prospects of a career as a professional assassin, Sayid decides to build homes in the Dominican Republic. (We last saw him there when Locke came to persuade him to return to the island.)
  • Back on the island in 1977, Sawyer tries to figure out how he can spring Sayid and still save face with his newfound Dharma friends.
  • Erin remarks that Sawyer has “a noble chin,” whatever that means.
  • Harry Potter Little Ben continues to bring Sayid sandwiches in the clink. That is, until his father finds out, at which point much berating and bad fathering ensues.
  • Erin wonders aloud whether young Benjamin Linus would be a Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Totally Slytherin.
  • Sawyer, running out of options, tases Sayid (and appears to do so awfully close to the crotch, at least from where we were sitting). Sawyer, Horace, and Radzinsky take Sayid to…



  • …Ben’s ninth-grade science teacher, Mr. Olsen!
  • No, actually it’s Larry from “Newhart.” Except now everyone calls him Oldham and outsources their torture/interrogation needs to him. (The episode’s title comes from Sawyer’s answer when Sayid asks who Oldham is.)
  • Drugged Sayid spills it, saying he’s from the future and correctly naming all the Dharma stations, including The Swan which in 1977 is still a geodesic model on Radzinsky’s desk. Sayid also implicates Sawyer although no one makes the connection.
  • Jury duty for Sayid v. Dharma convenes in the Goodspeed living room. Despite his best efforts, Sawyer cannot convince anyone to spare Sayid. And at one point Radzinsky threatens to “call Ann Arbor” if the vote doesn’t go his way. Ann Arbor, Michigan? Or maybe a person named Ann Arbor? Cryptic little moment there.
  • Back in 2007, Sayid’s poor choice in women continues when he seduces a bounty hunter named Ilana. Plus she made him buy her a $125 glass of scotch first. Cold!
  • Ilana, who says she’s employed by the family of the man whom Sayid shot on a golf course (in last season’s “The Economist”), tells him she must take him to Guam.
  • They book the first flight out of L.A., which happens to be Ajira Airways 316. 
  • In 1977, Sawyer finds an oddly serene Sayid in his cell. Sawyer tells Sayid to punch him in the face and escape. Sayid declines, saying he’s discovered his purpose.
  • A wigged-out Sawyer finds Kate to ask what Sayid was talking about and why the Oceanic 6 came back. Kate says coyfully that she knows why she came back. Before this moment can play out any further,
  • A flaming VW van rolls into Dharmaville causing mass chaos.
  • Young Ben seizes this moment to free Sayid, who is standing in his cell waiting.
  • Ben and Sayid flee until Jin spots them from his van. He gets a report on his walkie that Sayid has escaped. Before he will let him go he tells Sayid he just has to clear it with Sawyer.
  • At which point Sayid takes Jin down and then takes his gun.
  • At which point he shoots Ben. (In his notes, Ben recorded this as, SAYID SHOOTS BEN!!!!)


So where does this leave us? With only more questions.

What does this mean for 2007 Ben? What does this mean for Ben, period? This definitively kills Faraday’s “Whatever Happened, Happened” theory, because in the prior 1977 Ben could not have died. Right? This seems so obvious to us that now we’re worried it will be proven wrong.

Given what we revealed in our last post, which is that in two weeks Ben will have his showdown with Smokey, we know that Ben is not dead and gone as a character. He has become one of the greatest villain/heroes in TV history. HE CAN’T JUST BE DEAD.

Much as we want that to be true, it also takes away from last night’s dramatic ending. Think back to season 2, when Michael shot Ana Lucia and then Libby. That was shocking, and we knew that was for good. (Mostly. Aside from some Hurley hallucinations.) But now that so many dead characters have reappeared as 1) resurrected [Locke, Christian Shephard?], 2) still dead [Charlie, Christian Shephard?], and 3) psyche! dead [Jin at the beginning of this season, Christian Shephard?], dead is not quite dead anymore. Like we said, we really don’t want Ben to be dead for good. We’ve resorted to all caps to express this. But the stakes are different with all this fluidity in the show’s — shall we say– elastic life-death continuum.

Here’s hoping you can explain far better than we can what this all means. And once again, thank you, Dusty & Lauren, for the hospitality. 


[photo: abc.com]


* = Wordplay! Double meaning! This is the kind of “Lost” analysis only Voreblog delivers.


8 thoughts on “Lost Forum: “He’s Our You”

  1. I don’t think I can shed any light on the events from last night’s LOST, but I have a few comments.

    1. That’s so cool Ben Voreblog that your old science teacher made the episode!
    2. That Radzinsky guy annoys the crap out of me.
    3. I am wondering if there’s a reason related to Ben’s death in this episode as to why he and Sun didn’t land on the island in the same time period? Do both of them no longer exist now that the others have landed in the 1970s, especially if they’re meeting Christian Shephard? I don’t know; I’m taking a stab at some very confusing ideas. SHA-BLAM!
    4. It would only make sense that someone named Ann Arbor would be in charge of killing poor, sweet Sayid! His only weapon against such a vengeful “person” …poisonous nuts!

  2. maybe it’s like the severely misunderstood 90’s scott bakula-dean stockwell vehicle, “quantum leap”…not sure if they’re time traveling during their own lifespans, and they’re still in their own bodies, but maybe they are being sent back to right the wrongs of the past.

    which would be terrible.

    that ben is a clone. no doubt.

  3. This was another entertaining episode, but I feel like it was really just filling space until the next couple of weeks. It was generous (?) of them to throw a shocking ending in there.

    I personally very much like Sayid and have always felt that his character could use more development. It was nice to see more screen time with him, but so many things are just hanging out there.

    We just need to get to The Incident, see what the hell ever happened to Farraday, and get a Richard Alpert episode. In the end, I really think last night just served to inch us a little closer to the next 2-3 episodes.

    Ben isn’t dead. If he were, then I would have NOTHING to do on Wednesday nights and we all know that nobody wants that to happen.

    Doc Smith tonight put forth that Jack (again) saves Ben. Easy enough for me to believe.

    Those of us who have watched Deadwood quickly identified Ben’s science teacher as Farnum.

    Ben- Did you recognize him as Farnum from Deadwood, or were you busy reading Animal Farm?

    Good luck against Notre Dame. My advice for Penn St would be to NOT let them shoot 58% from three.

  4. What? Sorry, I was busy re-reading “Animal Farm” and everything William Faulkner has ever written. What did I miss?

    Doc Jensen posits the not-too-farfetched theory that future Ben was actually grooming Sayid to kill Young Ben in 1977. Which raises all kinds of new questions like, Why? And how did Ben know Sayid would go back to 1977 rather than 2007? And to come back to that first question, Why?? Who wants to be an accomplice to his own murder?

    Tad’s sources say we get to see the front of the four-toed statue by season’s end.

    Penn State will hold Luke Harangody to 5-for-19 shooting and advance to the Dave Odom Invitational NIT Finals next week. Write it down.

  5. If Michael Emerson is done with the show, so am I.

    I just finished catching up. Couldnt be happier we are now back just on the island for the last three episodes. I think the show lost its focus when they left. This season just picked up steam.

    “What if they start asking us tough questions, like, ‘Who was President in 1977?'” – Hurley

    Was Ben’s dead dad in the flaming VW van? Didnt he kill him in the van some seasons ago? And where did they find a Dharma Skeleton in the ‘Workman’ jumpsuit that Jack gets? Wasnt that in a VW van? Was that when Hurley and Sawyer found the van a while back with the beer? Was Ben’s dad wearing a ‘Workman’ jumper too? I forget.

    The Ann Arbor reference seals it: Dharma is controlled by Borders. (Which explains all the book product-placement in the show.) Faraday was enlisted to travel back in time to prevent a bankruptcy in 2009.

  6. If Borders was behind Dharma, I think the books would all be special Borders editions rather than regular publisher editions. Otherwise I think you’re onto something.

    Maybe Faraday traveled back in time to take out Jeff Bezos and Steve Riggio?

  7. I’m guessing that the person who appears to be the only competent doctor in Dharmaville, Juliet, is the one who saves TeenBen. I’m also tangentially guessing that this is why Ben has such an obsession with her when he is an adult – some sort of long-term Florence Nightingale syndrome.

    For a now-professional killer, Sayid made some really stupid mistakes in this last episode. First he falls prey to the beautiful woman once more, nearly getting himself killed again. (I think Ben really hired her to get him on the plane, not some former victim’s family in Guam, btw.) Then, when he shoots Ben in the chest, he doesn’t take the simple precaution of shooting him again – two in the back of the head; hasn’t he seen “Goodfellas”?!? – to be certain he’s dead. Sloppy work, but thank goodness for we fans since that should allow Ben to live.

    I think it’s also kind of cool that Ethan delivered Juliet to the island, and she delivered him from Amy’s womb. Very circular, like so much else in the show.

    Mark: Ben kills his dad when he is much older than TeenBen, and his dad *was* the skeleton Hurley found in the van wearing the “Roger, Workman” jumpsuit. I’m also hoping you noticed Oldham was also Jim Swarthout, the real estate agent from “Fletch”.

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