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Some Questions We’d Like Answered

Let’s pause before tonight’s “Lost” episode, “He’s Our You,” and attempt to sow some order out of the disorder that is our favorite TV show. We spoke with frequent commenter and “Lost” devotee Mike Allen by phone to ask him, What burning questions do you want answered? 

How did Ethan survive the Purge? After the “eh” reveal of Ethan as Amy’s baby last week, Mike wants to know how Ethan survived the Purge and came to join Ben’s merry crew of Others. Good question. We would like that answered too.

Why does Richard Alpert not age? I mean, who is he? “If Richard Alpert got his own episode this season, I’ll tell you right now it would be my favorite ‘Lost’ episode ever,” Mike says. While we may not share quite the same degree of enthusiasm for Mr. Alpert, we’re with Mike on this one. What’s the deal with Mr. Alpert? How long has he been on the island? How did he get there? Why is he always second-in-charge to some “greater” leader, be it Widmore, Ben or Locke? And exactly how long does it take Nestor Carbonell to apply that eyeliner before each scene?

What (who?) is the Smoke Monster? Mike is not alone. This question has perplexed “Lost” fans from the very beginning. We anticipate the future episode “Dead is Dead” (airing in two weeks) will answer at least part of this question, as Ben must summon Smokey for judgment/atonement. We have high hopes for that episode as it was penned by two of our favorite “sub” writers, Brian K. Vaughan and Elizabeth Sarnoff. Plus next week’s “Whatever Happened, Happened” is written by head honchos Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Big things are on the way.

In addition to those questions, here are some more we’d like answered:

Who will die tonight? Word on the street has it that a major character goes down in tonight’s episode. This may be mere rumor, but we trust our sources. If someone does bite it, our money is on Sayid. 

Where is Desmond these days? Erin’s favorite character has been AWOL for most of season five. We know the Island is not done with him yet, at least according to Eloise Hawking back in “316.” So when will he of the exotic accent and unbuttoned shirt return to make married female bloggers swoon? The sooner the better.

What does Ben know? Last week’s episode ended with Harry Potter Young Ben meeting incarcerated Sayid. Now that we know Ben Linus grew up with at least five of the castaways (Sayid, Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin) plus another “Other” (Juliet), what dirt does he have on them that has shaped the future we’ve already seen (particularly seasons 2-3)?

Did someone know that the airstrip that Sawyer, Kate, Juliet and the Others were building in season 3 on Hydra Island would be needed for Frank’s crash landing last week? And if so, who? This — like the previous question — starts to open the Pandora’s box of time travel/course correction/cause-and-effect possibilities. We’ll skirt most of those by focusing on the second part of the question. Our best guess is Ben, who is usually the one who sees the next eight moves coming on the “Lost” chessboard. Plus he himself benefitted from that landing strip being there since he was on Ajira 316, and it makes sense that the person course-correcting is doing so first and foremost with his interests in mind.  

Who was Kate communicating with in last season’s episode, “Something Nice Back Home”? Dave Powell raised this question, which we realized has yet to be answered. Jack and Kate were engaged at that point although Jack was deteriorating fast: He kept seeing his dead father. Hurley had relayed a message from dead Charlie that Jack wasn’t supposed to raise Aaron. Jack became addicted to clonazepam. And then he overheard Kate on a suspicious phone call which led these two viewers to speculate she might be cheating on Jack. The only answer Kate gave to Jack’s persistent questioning was that she was doing an errand for Sawyer. But what was the errand? And when did Sawyer give it to her?

How important were all those A Wrinkle in Time references in last week’s episode? According to Doc Jensen, possibly very important. Since we know of one Voreblog reader who listed Madeleine L’Engle’s book in her Top 5, perhaps she (or someone else) can shed some light on this.

Was there a fourth person in the cabin last week with Christian Sawyer, Sun and Frank? This screen shot says yes. But was this intentional or a goof? (Doc Jensen suggests it may have been a goof.) If it was intentional (is it Charlotte?), why are the writers raising more questions when they haven’t answered the ones we already have? You guys are on a deadline! Clock’s ticking! Everything ends next May, so chop chop!


What exactly are credit default swaps again? No one has yet been able to explain this to us. When we hear the words “derivatives,” “credit default swaps,” “toxic assets,” “direct deposit,” “savings account” or “online banking,” our financially-challenged brains shut down and our eyes glaze over with monetary eye-glaziness. 

Of course there are many, many more questions on our minds, but we’ll stop there for now. If you can provide answers to any of these questions (or other unasked ones), please do. You can always add your own questions to the mix as well. Maybe — maybe — Cuse and Lindelof will become Voreblog readers one day. We can always dream.


4 thoughts on “Some Questions We’d Like Answered

  1. As irrelevant as it probably is now, I’d still like to know the deal with the polar bears. As I’ve mentioned to you before, I’m at the point where I’m more interested in how it all ends vs. answering some unresolved questions.

    Except for the polar bears of course.

  2. Is that zombie-Claire in the cabin?

    Also, Erik called from the west coast and asked me to pass along that he would be VERY interested in having some questions regarding possible (certain) Templars/Lost connections answered.

    He also listed his top 5 books as:

    1. The Wisdom of Menopause
    2. Ted, White, & Blue by Ted Nugent
    3. It’s Hard Out Here for a Shrimp
    4. The Wisdom of Menopause (2 spots!)
    5. Indognito

  3. I can’t believe I left “It’s Hard Out Here For a Shrimp” off my Top 5. Unforgivable.

    I think Erik also forgot to include “Call Me Ted” on his list. (The large print edition.)

  4. Sawyer whispered something in Kate’s ear before he leapt off the helicopter, turning the O7 into the O6. It has been theorized that Kate was doing something in regards to Clementine, Sawyer’s child with the woman he conned and left, and promised to keep it private.

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