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Ben jinxed the Jazz

I’ll take full responsibility for Utah’s loss to Atlanta. Shouldn’t have brought up the streak.

John Hollinger notes that Utah has won exactly one game on the road this year against a winning team. 

J.A. Adande writes about Deron Williams while trying not to bring up Chris Paul. His keenest observation? “I will say that Williams has a lot of John Stockton to him (much more so than Boozer has any Karl Malone) in that he keeps making winning plays.”

Remaining games on this road trip: Saturday at Miami and Sunday at Orlando. If the Jazz can’t win one of those two and finish above .500 on its third and final East Coast swing, this is a team that won’t believe it can win on the road come playoff time. Which means they’ll be doomed.


5 thoughts on “Ben jinxed the Jazz

  1. Jerry Sloan has asked me not to write about the Jazz ever again. Then I noticed a hulking Sasquatch-like man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mark Eaton has been parked in a dark sedan across the street for the past 36 hours. I live in constant fear.

  2. I watch no basketball whatsoever unless it involves the Utah Jazz.

    (This is not true. Cuse/UConn was quite a game, though regrettably I only saw highlights.)

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