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We have dabbled in a bit of what one might call original reporting in this space (from the frontlines of Cincinnati’s blackout last September, for example), but nothing compares to the scoop we’ve just uncovered:

MIAMI — A used car salesman was arrested Sunday on shooting charges, accused of opening fire at a Miami-Dade police substation earlier this year. 

Andrew Cashmere, an avid Voreblog commenter, was arrested after police were called to his home for a domestic dispute. 

Early one April morning, several shots were fired at the Hammocks District Police Station, located at 10000 SW 142nd Ave. Three bullet holes were found in the windows of the building’s lobby, where officers were working at the time. 

The bullets struck the countertop in the lobby, but no officers were injured. 

A motive for the shooting has not been revealed. Calls to Cashmere’s attorney, Ms. Sarah McLachlan, were not returned.


Seems Mr. Cashmere has some ‘splainin to do.

(h/t Lee Fuoco for her investigative research on this matter)


6 thoughts on “Scandal!

  1. This Lee Fuoco character (if that is her real name) is viciously attacking my good name. It’s pretty douchey to try and hunt down dirt about someone online. I know social workers who do stuff like that all the time.

  2. We must note, Mr. Cashmere, that you have chosen to respond to these charges not with a defense of your own behavior but rather more vicious accusations. Sarah McLachlan would be ashamed.

  3. Civility was certainly not shown toward Ms. McLachlan, gentle soul that she is. She did nothing but produce an outstanding record that many from the readers forum enjoyed. She was then attacked, apparently because she is not PJ Harvey. Wilco and Radiohead are not PJ Harvey either, but Ms. Fuoco didn’t crap all over these bands. This Sarah hatred is nothing but music snobbery.

    Then, I was confronted with this libelous story about my attack on a police station. I challenge Ms. Fuoco to place me at the scene of the crime. Her unfounded personal attacks are an insult to the criminal justice system.

    Having made my point in a civil manner, I would now like to invite all Sarah McLachlan haters to gather outside my office window so they can observe the Cincinnati Meteor Shower.

  4. We were excited about joining you to watch the Cincinnati Meteor Shower until we clicked on the link and discovered what it was. We are now much less excited.

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