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The Conversation Is Still Going

Over at the current Voreblog Readers Forum, Lee Fuoco has made a cameo only to disparage Voreblog readers and say hi to Scott Guldin before disappearing back into the digital ether. You can continue to follow the conversation here, at least until Andrew Cashmere finally and decisively kills it.

Meanwhile, Mike Allen takes issue with a link from Tad Smith in the discussion around last week’s Lost episode, “LaFleur.” You can weigh in on the debate here.

Finally, revisiting The Kindle and the Blind, Amazon now allows authors and publishers to decide on a book-by-book basis whether that title should be available for automated reading using Kindle’s TTS (text-to-speech) feature. This decision does not change the fact that Erik Brueggemann continues to find the living room decor of the Kindle “arresting” as it appeals to his “post-post-post-post-post modern decorating aesthetic.”

And finally finally, Jerry Grit qualifies his earlier endorsement of with a more skeptical take here. We agree that Cats + Firearms = Cause For Significant Concern. (Though if Scooter Thomas had been packing when our house was broken into we might’ve never had our stuff stolen.)

Coming later today: a Utah Jazz update! Get excited!


4 thoughts on “The Conversation Is Still Going

  1. Bill Simmons thinks your Jazz are the one sleeper this postseason. Ric Bucher did not agree. I say you DHL a poop sandwich to Mr. Bucher’s house.

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