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The Eighth Voreblog Readers Forum: High Fidelity Edition


Where do I even begin?


We’re taking a suggestion from Mr. Andrew Cashmere on a Readers Forum topic: What are your top 5 favorite albums of all-time? Given U2’s new release yesterday, we thought this would be an apropos time to broach this subject. We’ll chime in with ours in the comment thread. Feel free to use this forum to make us see the light on Andrew Bird’s Noble Beast if you think we are still wandering in the darkness.


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68 thoughts on “The Eighth Voreblog Readers Forum: High Fidelity Edition

  1. What a delightful topic. Here are my top 5:

    –R.E.M., “Automatic for the People” – This is the only album from my top 5 that I could make the argument for putting in the top 5 of all time. Automatic is the best thing I’ve ever heard.

    –Sarah McLachlan, “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” – This one is kind of embarrassing. I was kind of mopey in high school and emo wasn’t around yet, so this is what I had to work with. Somewhat related story: I went to Lillith Fair at Riverbend on year and walked around holding hands with Jay Rust. Good times.

    –Ben Folds Five, “Ben Folds Five” – I go back and forth between this and “Whatever and Ever Amen,” but this is a more solid album. I noticed that in old BFF songs, I end up singing the harmony instead of the lead. I miss Sledge and Darren.

    –Pete Yorn, “musicforthemorningafter” – This album reminds me of college. I have to imagine that Pete Yorn does well with the ladies.

    –Liz Phair, “Exile in Guyville” – Liz hair rocks out pretty hard for someone with ovaries. Also, she makes me think dirty thoughts. Flower and F*** and Run are pretty uncomfortable to listen to.

    Honorable Mention – Korn, “Follow the Leader” – I love me some Korn.

  2. Every one of these albums came out before I was out of high school. That should tell you something about nostalgia.

    5. Ben Folds Five – “Whatever and Ever Amen” – I was introduced to the band with this album, which explains its position over the debut. Plus, I’m a melancholy guy, and I appreciate the nice balance between white boy dance (“Kate”) and the somber (“Evaporated”)

    4. Weezer – “Pinkerton” – This was high school for me. I remember Entertainment Weekly gave it an “F.” How’s that looking now that it’s one of the biggest cult classics of the decade, assholes?

    3. R.E.M. – “Automatic for the People” – The best album from the most important band in regards to college radio.

    2. Radiohead – “The Bends” – Yes, “OK Computer” is the better album, but I stand by this one as the defining rock album of the mid-90’s. Took the grunge era and turned it into art.

    1. Jimmy Eat World – “Clarity” – Odds are if you talk to someone between the ages of 24 and 35 that followed music in high school or college, they will tell you how important this album was to them.

  3. holy mole. both BF5 and REM make both lists? who are these people? cincinnati friends? no wonder you’re number nine.

    here they are, not surprisingly and in no particular order…
    –songs:ohia, “magnolia electric company”
    –reigning sound, “time bomb high school”
    –afghan whigs, “gentlemen”
    –palace, “arise therefore”
    –gbv, “bee thousand”

    eat it , hosers!

  4. I will not be lumped into anything associated with Skin So Nasty, OH. But I will tell you to suck it, sir. Suck it good.

  5. Ah, Mr. Bescak. Glad you’ve chimed in and thrown down the condescension gauntlet and the anti-Ohio gauntlet at the same time. And yet three of your top five hail from Ohio! One from Cincinnati! And one from Lorain! Explain yourself!

    My five, in no particular order:

    – Depeche Mode – “Violator” – Man I loved this album. I haven’t listened to it in years and yet I feel compelled to include it. “Enjoy the Silence” was part of the reason I considered not speaking for an entire year in the 10th grade. I couldn’t tell you what on earth I was thinking at the time.

    – R.E.M. – “Automatic For The People” – It went against everything that was going on musically (grunge, etc.) at the time. Gorgeous album. Can listen to it anytime anywhere.

    – The Flaming Lips – “Soft Bulletin” – A heartbreaking and heart-breakingly good album. Still the best concert I’ve ever gone to. “Waitin’ for a Superman” makes me shed a tear.

    – Wilco – “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” – Narrowly gets the nod over “Summerteeth,” which was the album that made me fall in love w/Wilco. But YHF is a masterpiece.

    – Yo La Tengo – “Fakebook” – Puts me in a good mood without fail. YLT is the ultimate cover band.

    I feel a bit uncomfortable leaving GBV out ( “Bee Thousand” being the indispensable choice but “Alien Lanes” remaining my personal favorite). And “OK Computer” is a classic but it’ll have to settle for honorable mention. Nonetheless I still cherish the memory of listening to that album in its entirety with Chris Cooke, sitting in a dark room during a rainstorm. Neither of us spoke the entire time.

    Smashing Pumpkins’ “Siamese Dream” gets an honorable mention as well. Belle & Sebastian’s “The Boy With the Arab Strap” too. And U2’s “Achtung Baby.”

    So I named ten. Sue me.

  6. ben, you goad me with your 5. i am seriously goaded.

    seeing “crap-o-matic” listmake again is has literally sent me whirling. whirling!

    and “violator”?!

    it is a broomstick poking an angry and misunderstood lion.

    goaded. whirling. poked. how dare you.

  7. huh? a broomstick poking an angry and misunderstood lion?

    Are you shooting heroin again?

    You know my sordid, pre-Beez music past. Think of what you rescued me from. I’d probably put Matchbox 20 on my list if not for you!

  8. my forehead and I would like to nominate these 5 albums.

    1. gnr, “use your illusion” parts 1 and 2.
    2. mike + the mechanics, “the living years”
    3. gwar, “this toilet earth”
    4. tracy chapman, “tracy chapman”
    5. various artists, “now that’s acid jazz! 3”

  9. Mr. Leathers – excellent choice on Pinkerton and The Bends. I also struggled with BFF vs. Whatever and Ever Amen. I enjoy putting the emphasis on eat when I say Jimmy Eat World. Jimmy EAT World.

    Mr. Vore – I’m disappointed by your lack of Korn.

    Mr. Grit – you have a promising career at Pitchfork ahead of you, where you can shit all over classics like Automatic, while verbally fellating pretentious unheard of crap like The Chairs new album.

  10. Kudos to Mr. Cashmere for the guts to throw Sarah McLachlan up there. I like Fumbling as well. Agree on BFF. At the risk of revealing how musically inept I am, here are my top 5 in no particular order…..

    1) Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique
    2) Sourwood Honey – Sourwood Honey (none of you will have any clue who this is, nor will you be able to sample it at all.)
    3) 2 Skinnee J’s – Sing Earthboy, Sing! (toast your buns on my deck tonight.)
    4) Jump Little Children – The Licorice Tea Demos
    5) Gran Torino – Live at the Chameleon Club (I’m a sucker for a good horn section.)

  11. I also have a few Sarah McLachlan albums. I was a fan of Surfacing. Here’s some heartbreak for you:

    The first time I got dumped my senior year, I drove from Louisville to Lexington with that album on repeat, just bawling the whole way. I’m man enough to admit that I’m not a man.

  12. We could not have foreseen such a strong showing from Sarah McLachlan in this forum.

    Here’s more heartbreak if not already public knowledge: The first “our song” that Ben shared with a girl was Mr. Big’s “To Be With You.” But only two people on the face of the earth have actually listened to the rest of Lean Into It, and those two people are the parents of lead singer Eric Martin. Even the band itself never listened to tracks six through nine.

  13. I was a little worried about including Sarah. I used to be more into her than I am now, but Fumbling Toward Ecstasy is like an old blanket. An old blanket that comforted you through the hard times and was occasionally used to rub one out.

  14. In honoring a long-held Voreblog tradition, these lists are pretty Caucasian. What does a brother have to do to make a list?

    Miles Davis — Ascenseur pour L’echafaud
    Tribe Called Quest — People’s Instinctive Travels…
    Mike Jackson — Thriller
    Louis Armstrong — something early, maybe involving the Hot Fives
    Phil Collins — No Jacket Required

    Also noticed that a lot of these entries included something about listening in the dark, either alone or with another dude. What’s up with that?

    I will take the Noble Beast bait in a moment. Thanks for throwing me a bone.

  15. Thank you, Mr. Guldin, for adding a bit of diversity to the conversation.

    For consideration: this conversation-starting essay from Sasha Frere-Jones about how “indie rock lost its soul.” Discuss.

    (Also missing from this forum: gender diversity. Aside from Ms. McLachlan and Liz Phair, no female artists. Or female commentators.)

    (Are Voreblog readers male chauvinists?)

    (I mean, really — what would a female reader say about the inclusion of Afghan Whigs’ “Gentleman”?)

    (Which Ben, to Erin’s great disapproval, would second as a great album.)

    (What What Cincinnati!)

    (Will this comment ever end?)


  16. None of you know anything about music. This is my top 5, which coincidentally happens to be the top 5 albums of all time.

    -Robert Pollard – Relaxation of the Asshole
    -Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – I See Darkness
    -Amon Tobin – Bricolage
    -Walt Mink – El Producto
    -The Chairs, Destro/The Wangs

  17. Marcy Mays is prominently featured on “Gentlemen”! …however she might be celebrating her sadistic white man lover.

    Sasha Frere-Jones is a terrible person without a clue. The New Yorker needs someone who knows what’s going on. That article on Beyonce put me through the roof.

    Maybe once I’m done fellating the Chairs, I’ll apply. Have you heard of the Unheard Craps? I would totally give them a 9.2

  18. re: jerrygrit

    i challenge your band (Lion v. Fish) to a face-off with my band (Ui). how exactly we want to do this is your call.

    ms. frere-jones is not happy with you calling me a terrible person. she gives you a 1.4 as a human being.

  19. sasha–

    your leaps from 1st person to 3rd are as senseless and irresponsible as your music criticism.

    lion v. fish will challenge ui in the thunderdome.

  20. how exactly does one arrive at this thunderdome?

    i will be there with beyonce and david remnick flanking me. the ghosts of john updike and james thurber will also be on my side.

    prepare to be crushed.

  21. i think matthew leathers (who, it goes without saying, i am not) was referring to my mom (or wife?).

    i am in fact a man.

    with steel balls.

    kick them. your toe is only going to break off.

    fear my testicular fortitude. trust me, there’s no inflated self-assessment necessary when it comes to that.

    (even dr. manhattan is afraid of my genitalia.)

  22. I hate to interrupt this thoughtful debate, but allow me to provide some more fodder for laughs or prodding:

    Elvis Costello, Get Happy!! – Indispensible, and the source of the song that was the source for the book that was the source for the movie that was the source for this list…

    Graham Parker, Squeezing Out Sparks – Literate snarling post-punk pop. I will stack “You can’t be too strong” against “Brick” as the best pop song about abortion I have ever heard (although I have only ever heard of two) any day of the week. Although I do like Whatever and Ever Amen quite a bit as well…

    Marshall Crenshaw, Marshall Crenshaw. – Pure pop magic. A half hour of delight.

    Wilco, Summerteeth. – I admire YHF more, but I listen to (and like) this one better.

    Sonny Rollins, Saxophone Colossus – I had to put one Jazz and this is probably my favorite.

    I came very close to including Automatic, but it would as been as much to show solidarity with my Cincinnati brothers, temporary transplants and all. If you could count disc 2 of Dylans 1st Bootleg box set, that would make my top five, but I dont think I can sneak it in as an album, although if I could only keep 5 discs in my CD player for the rest of my days, that would be one.

    Where is the other half of Voreblog’s list? I think we can rule out any Hold Steady…

  23. Top Five (subject to change…I’m a non-committer)

    1. Wilco, “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” (this one stays)
    2. Ryan Adams “Heartbreaker” (I will fight anyone who talks bad about Mr. Mandy Moore)
    3. Calexico, “Feast of Wire” (They really kick brass!)
    4. Eels, “Electro-Shock Blues” (this album replaced Elliot Smith during my blue period)
    5. Pavement, “Terror Twilight” (the one good thing that came out of a crappy college relationship)

    Runner Up: The Beatles, “Revolver” (I know it’s a problem that everything on my list came from post 1990…here’s my tribute. The Beatles were and are very important to my music education.)

  24. One more thing: I’m lying on the couch feeling ill and watching none other than Nic Cage in “National Treasure.” Only Nic and Beanies can make me feel better.

  25. Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On
    Curtis Mayfield – Superfly
    John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
    Lauryn Hill – The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill
    Mos Def – Black on Both Sides

  26. List-making is mere critical juvenilia. Nonetheless,

    – “Cats” soundtrack
    – Cat Power, “The Greatest”
    – Cat Stevens, “Tea for the Tillerman”
    – Glenn Gould, “The Goldberg Variations”
    – Parliament, “The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein”

  27. I never even heard of some of these bands/albums.

    Being uncool sucks.

    Can I put Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on the list, or is that going to freak people out?

    Actually, I’m just being contrary because I got on here expecting a Lost post…

    Actually, I really do like that album.

    (See above comment re: being uncool)

  28. Scooter Thomas posting his top 5 is effing ridiculous. Here is my contribution. I’m not really into albums yet, so these are based off a few favorite songs.

    -Beyonce, I am…Sasha Fierce – I love Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). I can do almost the whole dance!

    -Dashboard Confessional, MTV Unplugged 2.0 – Chris Carraba might have mega ovaries, but I kind of like Hands Down.

    -Gilmore Girls Soundtrack – I love the theme song. It makes me dance.

    -Thursday, War All the Time – These pansies know how to rock. I especially like Signals over the Air.

    -R.E.M., Automatic for the People – This album has a lot of sentimental value for me. I used to have Nightswimming and Man on the Moon sung to me at bedtime. This might be the best album in the history of the world and anyone who disagrees can come over for a delicious dinner of diaper chili.

  29. So, I’ve been forced into this forum. Mine suck because I’m not very good with music. But here you go…and you can all take a crotch chop if you don’t like it!

    – U2: Achtung Baby
    – Ben Folds by himself: Rockin’the Suburbs
    – Jack Johnson: In Between Dreams
    – Dr. Dre: Chronic 2001
    – Weezer: Green Album

  30. Hear hear for “Achtung Baby.”

    It’s interesting that we now have two ladies who have weighed in (er, two-and-a-half if we count young Eleanor, who has extraordinary typing skills for an 18-month-old) but neither nominated an album by a female. So I guess Voreblog readers aren’t male chauvinists.

    re: JBB Backroom, I would like to move Lauryn Hill onto my honorable mention list. If this requires I move something else off, let it be “Siamese Dream.”

    Here’s Nam Le’s appreciation of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” from the Book Blog.

  31. And re: Mike’s (completely valid) Metallica nomination, I was reminded of the time in tenth grade when my friend Aaron got tickets for him and his friend Neil to see Metallica in Philadelphia. His mom wrote him an absence note explaining that Aaron needed to leave school early for a “family emergency,” which is what Aaron put on the sign-out sheet in the school office. Then Neil walked in, signed his name on the sheet and under “reason for absence” listed (in caps) “METALLICA!!” Then he flashed Aaron the devil sign and said, “Wherever we may roam, dude.”


    Find me in my Mitsubishi / eatin’ sushi / bumpin’ Fugees.

    You know Phil Collins was a joke, right?

    Oh man. Can’t believe I forgot L-Boogie. My bad.

  33. And…hey, 41 comments. Congrats. You’ve really hit a nerve, it seems. Voreblog plumbs the depths of Ohio white boy angst.

  34. We’re trying something new here and flipping the comment thread so that the most recent appear above (rather than below) the prior comments.

    Let us know if this is in fact a terrible move on our part. We’re just trying to make it easier for you to make your voice heard.

    Scott G., we were expecting a full-throated defense of “Noble Beast.” Is it still coming?

  35. OK, I just reread your review of Noble Beast, and it’s much more even-handed than I remembered. I will sum it up thusly: You didn’t love the album, but you love the man. It’s not his best work, but it’s a lot better than Phil Collins.

    Fair enough.

    I’m not much of a music reviewer, but allow me to say this: I listen to this album straight through over and over and over. It might not have the standout, stellar individual songs of “Eggs” or “Armchair” or even “Swimming Hour,” but I think as a whole it is his most complete, polished album to date. I can’t find a song that I feel is a dud. So, while I admit that it might lack some of the crackle of its predecessors, to me the entire enterprise burns bright. I LOVE Eggs but honestly can’t recall the last time I listened to it from start to finish.

    My favorite song (for now) might be the one you dissed for its silverware clanking — “Not a Robot, but a Ghost.” The lyric “How’s my living / You can call / Encrypted numbers / On bathroom stalls” is a case where Bird let the cleverness come to him instead of forcing things; there’s a real poignancy there for me, especially in the creepy way he sings it. I take it to mean: “You may hate me, but what are we going to do? The phone is dead and so is our relationship. Suck it.” [See? I told you I’m lousy at this.]

    One more thing: Something I love about Bird as an artist is how difficult it seems for him to please himself. He seems perpetually busy at trying to improve and grow. So we see, for example:

    — Weather System’s “I” become Armchair’s “Imitosis” (which he pronounces eye-mitosis, for what it’s worth)
    –Weather System’s “Skin” become Egg’s “Skin Is, My” (one of my favorites, by the way)
    –Fingerlings I’s “Sweetbreads” become Armchair’s “Dark Matter.” This last one is extremely interesting. If you don’t have Fingerlings I (or any of the live albums), I strongly recommend you buy them. On this album he introduces “Sweetbreads” by half-apologizing for it, saying “It’s a really awful song.” A few years later he took the basic framework of that song and turned it into something glorious.

    My point is that if the songs on Noble Beast never quite found the open road for you, or congealed into something greater than their individual parts, maybe over time Bird will make them into something you like better.

    I think we can agree it will be worth waiting to find out.

  36. Well said, Mr. Guldin. What we love about Mr. Bird is his devotion to (perhaps obsession with) the creative process. We hadn’t made the connections you did between his earlier songs and later reincarnations of them. He fusses and tinkers and improves and constantly reconfigures. So long as he doesn’t go crazy doing this, he’s always going to end up someplace interesting, musically-speaking. Which is why we can’t ever foresee thinking an Andrew Bird album “bad.”

  37. 1) i am a girl and i love “gentlemen”.

    2) but vorebloglovers are still total male chauvanists.

    3) please allow me to counter all these sarah mclachlan (?!) references with anything by pj harvey? hello?

  38. No, still going strong. And just 12 views away from becoming the most popular Readers Forum yet.

    Apparently people care more about their favorite music than even The Cutting Edge.

    (And apparently no one has read this.)

  39. I’m sure this will finally put the readers forum to rest…

    I think part of my enjoyment of girl artists is the 2 to 3 additional points a girl receives on the classic 10 point attractiveness scale if said girl can sing or play guitar. This rule can also be applied to bartenders, but we will focus on girl musicians for now.

    Let’s take Sarah McLachlan. She’s cute, but maybe nothing to write home about or stick out in a crowd. Now imagine her singing and playing the guitar…much more attractive. Now let’s take someone like Liz Phair, who is already pretty hot. Add sexually suggestive vocals and some power cords and SHA-BLAM!!! BONER CITY!!! I can’t comment on PJ Harvey because I couldn’t pick her out of a crowd and am too lazy to do a google image search.

    So this is why Exile in Guyville and Fumbling Toward Ecstasy make my top 5. Not because of album quality, but because of my attraction to the performer. If I had ever heard ScarJo’s album I guarantee it would have beat Automatic for the top spot. I am a sucker for girl singers. If Emily could sing I probably wouldn’t leave the house. Because I would stay home all day listening to her album.

  40. wow…. really?…

    if we’re basing this on attractiveness instead of actual talent, i’d like to add hugh jackman’s musical number about musicals from the academy awards to the pot. and maybe anything from “high school musical”. ZAC EFRON OMG TOTAL DREAM BARGE.

    lazy indeed. also boring.

  41. Really…I’m serious…

    I think I’ve mentioned this on here before, but I think Wolverine is kind of sexy. Not necessarily Hugh Jackman, but Hugh playing Wolverine. Zac doesn’t really do it for me. Perhaps if he sang Chopsticks or F*** and Run.

    Another girl artist I enjoy is Ani Difranco. Not for her songwriting or advocacy for girl issues, but because I think she’s cute and I like the tattoo across her boobs. I’m easy like that.

    Sorry to bore you with my laziness.

  42. Mr. Cashmere is correct. I dedicated my entire high school career to wanting to “make it” with female musicians. Jewel, Lisa Loeb, Juliana Hatfield, that one chick from The Cardigans, etc. None of this music was any good, but I listened to all of it, constantly. I even went to Lilith Fair ’97 at Riverbend, just so I could be 10 feet away from the delicate Ms. Loeb. Attractiveness + Guitar – armpit hair = Musical Genius.

    Armpit hair courtesy of Ani DiFranco, which is why I never listened to her music.

  43. I have long believed that the hottest female musicians are drummers. And I can only think of three: Meg White, Georgia Hubley and Janet Weiss. I don’t know if I’d call any of those three a looker. Meg’s kind of cute, but I’ve always been strangely compelled by Hubley (though I’ll admit she’s a little frumpy; this may simply be a byproduct of my love for Yo La Tengo). Still, there’s just something about a female drummer.

  44. The Roots – Things Falls Apart

    The Killers – Hot Fuss

    N.E.R.D. – In Search Of . . .

    Portishead – Dummy

    Wu Tang – 36 Chambers

  45. I don’t like the comments flipped, but that’s because I’ve waited until there were 61 comments to read.

    I like a number of the albums that have already been mentioned, but that makes me cautious about including any of them in my own list, for fear that I’m just agreeing out of some deep-seated need to be agreeable. So f*** that.

    In no particular order:

    Queen — A Day at the Races. Most people only know the hits off this–or any–Queen album. You’re missing out, because Queen made excellent albums, with a much greater diversity than even a collection of all the band’s hits would indicate (and that’s still a good deal). A Day at the Races is the follow-up to A Night at the Opera, on which “Bohemian Rhapsody” appeared. What fascinates me about the album, I think, is the way that each of the songs, if Freddie Mercury’s voice is taken away (actually, it is on one of the songs), you might guess they were made by totally different bands. Yet they’re all very good songs. Nonetheless, there’s a fundamental unity to the album.

    Toad the Wet Sprocket — Fear.

    Carbon Leaf–Indian Summer. This band is still a new love for me, so I can’t say objectively that it will still be on any list a decade or two from now, and I was sorely tempted to choose Echo, Echo instead; meanwhile, even though I like both, I can’t bring myself to put two albums by one band in this top-5.

    Rush–Roll the Bones. Not one of their best known albums, but there was a reason that this was the album that got me back into Rush.

    Led Zeppelin — Led Zeppelin

    Honorable mentions:

    Pearl Jam–Ten
    Stone Temple Pilots–Core
    Barenaked Ladies–Maybe You Should Drive
    The Beatles–Abbey Road
    Boiled in Lead–Songs from the Gypsy
    Dave Matthews Band–Crash
    Jason Mraz–Mr. A-Z
    Beastie Boys–Licensed to Ill

    and band-wagoning, I’ll add:

    Automatic for the People
    Whatever and Ever, Amen
    Achtung Baby
    Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

    So yes, my whole purpose here was to subvert the idea of a “Top 5” list by naming 17 albums in this comment. It’s still a prime number–isn’t that close enough to 5?

  46. I’m oh, so late but the best is saved for last, perhaps?*

    De La Soul – Buhloone Mindstate
    Refused – Shape of Punk to Come
    Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf
    John Coltrane – Did you just call me Coltrane?**
    Operation Ivy – the compilation one.
    Judgement Night soudtrack***

    * and there are no women here – as there are no women on my favorite books lists….interesting, my penis is strong!
    ** pick any of his earlier albums and I am not ashamed that I will work in a Wes Anderson reference anytime, anyplace.
    ***I defy anyone to not love this album if they were in there low teen years when it came out….unless you were an Automatic for the People fan – I hate that shit….

  47. Also, I would point out that while I wasn’t so good at following the explicit rules of the game, I was quite good at obeying the unwritten ones: of seventeen albums referenced, sixteen likely had women involved–at best–only in fetching the coffee, while the token female artist on the list was already commonly accepted and, hence, not really threatening to the status quo.

  48. Leathers – how could you not like Refused? Those Swedish boys are perhaps the greatest instrumentalists I’ve ever heard.

  49. This is taking the conversation back several steps, but all the debate between self-titled Ben Folds Five and Whatever and Ever Amen made me revisit Reinhold Messner. I usually overlook this one because I like the other two so much, but it’s pretty amazing. Also, Magic stands out as one of my favorite songs on the album and it was written entirely by Darren Jesse. What if BFF had continued and Darren was allowed to write more stuff? That might have been fun.

    I’m always intrigued when band members take on different roles. What if Mike Mills sang lead on more R.E.M. songs like he did on Out of Time? What if Kurt Cobain didn’t pass and Dave Grohl started writing more for Nirvana? What if?

    Also, I’ve been really enjoying the new Kelly Clarkson song. I love KC. I’ve even seen From Justin to Kelly.

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