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Tragic Moments in Retail History

CINCINNATI, OH [AP] — A customer at a local retail establishment approached employee Ben Vore today and asked him where the Bibles were shelved.

“Right over here,” Ben said. “Let me show you.”

As the two men walked to the section Ben asked the man if he needed a specific translation.

“No,” the customer replied, “just something small. I’m burying it with my cat today.”


3 thoughts on “Tragic Moments in Retail History

  1. Ash, Cole, and Ember of Pandora clan renounce said owner for not realizing his cat was not of the Judeo-Christian faith system. Ash commented: “Any owner who doesn’t realize there is only one true god of cats, she that is most high – the honorable Bast does not deserve the snuggles of any member of the ACE Alliance or any self-respecting feline.” Cole mumbled no comment as she scurried to the basement to take a shit on the floor to spite all humans while Ember prayed the rosary.

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