Friday Recommends: You Predicting the Oscars


We fear for Sean Penn’s life if Mickey Rourke does not win an Oscar.


Just how savvy is the Voreblog readership when it comes to predicting the Academy Awards? Let’s find out!







Of course, disparaging remarks about Slumdog Millionaire can be shared in a comment thread although doing so will put you on the Voreblog blacklist. We advise you not to go to there.*

Tomorrow: Our predictions! Then Monday: An Oscar recap!



* = “30 Rock” reference.



4 thoughts on “Friday Recommends: You Predicting the Oscars

  1. He’s not a sick and twisted man. He’s probably a closet homosexual who does a lot of cocaine. You know, that whole Yale thing.

    Also, we all know Slumdog is going to win. I’m not even going to waste my time making predictions. I’ve made my peace with the world and the way it kicks me in the balls every Oscar night.

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