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Hooterville Weekend: A Photographic Retrospective

Erin is fortunate to be an associate alumnae of Hooterville even though she herself lived in Limelight during her senior year at Miami. As has been tradition on President’s Day Weekend, the Hootervillians and their significant others got together to catch up, doing so this year in the wintry Laurel Mountains in southwestern Pennsylvania. Oh yeah — some babies showed up too. 



Most, but not all, of the Hootervillians. 



Shortly before the Hootervillians were burned at the stake.



The collective husbands of Hooterville express their resounding enthusiasm for Emily Huie’s homemade chili.



The less said about this picture, the better.



K-Train Cicak meets Will Beekman…



…and then decides to taste Will’s shoe. (If you look very closely you can see the string of drool.)



Easy, Jon G! It’s not ours.



These aren’t either!



Patrick and Lauren Brown take a break from singing Elton John’s “Goodbye Norma Jean” to open baby shower presents.



If you’re thinking to yourself “What a beautiful picture!”, you should know that this horse has a severe case of acne.



Everyone steered clear of the crazy homeless lady who showed up asking for extra ‘D’ batteries.



Sans cap, Ben had to resort to some rather unorthodox scarf fashions to keep his head warm. ( “You look like a sad Russian woman with male pattern baldness,” Erin said when she saw this picture. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, sweetie!)



Yes, there were bears!



Insert your own punchline here.



Ben, Gail and Kelly had to push a golf cart up the hill after it ran out of gas. Someone else, not pictured, said it was important for her to steer and document the moment.  



Things started to get a little Lord of the Flies once we lit the bonfire.



Then things got really Lord of the Flies.



If you’ve never read the book, Lord of the Flies does not end well.


Thank you, Tom and Kathleen, for hosting!

Ben apologizes for his impolite cannibalism!


[Lord of the Flies photo:]


12 thoughts on “Hooterville Weekend: A Photographic Retrospective

  1. perhaps the second picture is a homage to “the wicker man,” another fantastic movie featuring the BEST ACTOR EVER?

    looks like a good time, glad ya’ll had fun.

  2. I just got back from the 123 Plum Street reunion weekend. It wasn’t a large gathering at an estate in the woods, but Eric B. and I did drive to TriCounty Mall and play poo dollar with my brother on his lunch break. Good times!

  3. Very disappointed that you guys didn’t take your snuggie. It would have helped Ben stay warm better than to the unorthodox use of a scarf.

  4. Oh we did take our Snuggies. It’s just that Mike Cicak used them to perform amateur body tricks that horrified children and adults alike.

  5. Mrs. Cashmere somehow thinks that my poor spelling detracts from the fact that she frequently poops her pants. She is wrong. Nic Cage is also wrong.

  6. She was trying to sing, “Candle in the Wind” which begins with the lyrics, “Goodbye Norma Jean” about Marilyn Monroe. Might as well been “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Though”…

  7. yay! i finally made the voreblog! and by the way, even though i got the words wrong to the song, everyone still guessed elton john when i said, “the gay guy who wrote all those songs”.

  8. We love Elton John too- especially when he’s sung by a pregnant lady! By the way, Ben just wanted to make sure that everyone knew he wrote down “Danish” for number eight on the Scattergories sheet.

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