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Lost Forum: “This Place is Death”


“Was I really a scary old man in a past life?”


First, two loose threads from last week:

  1. The name of Danielle Rousseau’s raft was “Bésixdouze,” French for “B six twelve” … which is the name of the asteroid The Little Prince lives on in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella. 
  2. Doc Jensen apparently had us (and everyone else who’s been slightly exasperated by this season’s time travelling) in mind when he wrote this week’s EW column. He labels our condition as LTTA — Lost Time Travel Anxiety. Then he pontificates on how the conjunction of Miles dragging a dead boar out of the jungle and the death of Neil ( “Frogurt”) in the same scene of this season’s episode “The Lie” metaphorically suggests Niels Bohr, a founding father of quantum mechanics, which Jensen posits as sufficient evidence for “the existence of this hypothetical zero point energy” as an overarching theme for the show.


Uh-huh. Moving right along.

This week we learned:

  • Smokey is back and he likes French food.
  • If you thought your taste in men was bad, you’ve got nothing on Danielle Rousseau.
  • Danielle’s late husband/fiancé/boyfriend called Smokey “a security system guarding the temple.” Then again, he was crazy and tried to kill the mother of his child.
  • Sawyer thinks Koreans and Chinese speak the same language. 
  • Charlotte remembers that she grew up on the island and that her parents worked for The Dharma Initiative and that a crazy old man told her never to come back once she left or else she’d die. That crazy old man? Daniel Faraday.
  • Charlotte is dead, we think. Actually we’re pretty sure. (Tad Smith reports that episode 12 of season 5 is entitled “Dead is Dead,” for what that’s worth.) 
  • Also, full circle on Charlotte Staples Lewis and her literary namesake, Clive Staples Lewis: The island is Charlotte’s Narnia, a place of childhood fantasy that became lost forever when she left. Her cryptic last words: “I’m not allowed to have chocolate before dinner.” (No clue what that means.)
  • John Locke has a staggering propensity to paralyze/impale himself on things. Most actors not named Terry O’Quinn would make his character insufferable with physical suffering.
  • Christian Shephard is alive — maybe — and scolds John for allowing Ben to move the frozen donkey wheel, the apparent reason why the island is skipping like a record.
  • John realigns the wheel which causes another flash, sending him — to L.A.? Tunisia? Nowhere? Probably L.A., given that Christian tells him to say hi to his son.
  • Sun, Jack and Ben are all about to see Ellie Hawking when lo and behold, Desmond appears on the scene. He says he’s there to see Daniel’s mother, which seems to surprise Ben. (Not that Desmond is there but that Ellie Hawking and Mrs. Faraday are one and the same.) 
  • They all go inside the church and one gets the feeling that some kind of creepy Ouija-board lock-in is about to go down.


In a post-episode instant analysis phone call, even Tad Smith admits to having a headache after this one. But he offers up a few pseudo-theories/questions: Is Daniel Faraday Jacob? Was Rousseau’s husband/boyfriend possessed by Smokey? One question we forgot to ask him: Why wouldn’t Christian Shephard help John Locke up?

Solid episode. We give it a B plus.


In a comment from a previous readers forum, Mark Hoobler made reference to the clip where Hurley summarizes the first four seasons of “Lost” in one minute, sixteen seconds. Here it is:

If you’ve never watched “Lost” but feel like you’re missing out on these reader forums, that clip pretty much brings you up to speed.


[photo: abc.com]


3 thoughts on “Lost Forum: “This Place is Death”

  1. We completely forgot to mention a “Lost” comedy spin-off involving Jack and John that was kicked around at certain workplaces this week. If any of the creative geniuses behind this brainchild care to elaborate, we hope they will.

  2. Unfortunately Dave, myself, et al have moved the sitcom to the backburner right now. Instead we’re focusing on a mall cop buddy movie. You know the crotchety older mall cop whose about to retire gets partnered with the younger loose cannon. We’ve decided to cast Carl Weathers as the pretzel stand owner who used to be a special ops commander….

    stay tuned….or contribute to the plotline tonight.

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