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Brandon Roy is the Man: a non-Jazz NBA post


The man crush continues: It took Ben nine hours to Etch A Sketch this.


Brandon Roy made a lay-in at the buzzer to beat the Knicks last night in Portland, 109-108. I (Ben) have long ago declared my man crush on (All-Star) Brandon Roy. SI’s Ian Thomsen sings Roy’s praises here, noting how Roy’s past injuries and lack of superior athleticism have actually made him a better player — a cagey veteran trapped in a 24-year-old’s body. “I always thought the game,” Roy says. Thomsen likens him to a backcourt Tim Duncan. (Except, I’d add, Roy is likable whereas Duncan is a robot.)

Speaking of Duncan, the dreaded Spurs marched into Boston yesterday and won, 105-99. Watching the game, the first time I’ve seen the Spurs play this year, I was reminded just how much I’d like to kidney punch Manu Ginobili. I don’t care that it’s something a Steelers player would do.

Also, has Gregg Popovich been living in a cave? I would not be at all surprised if sideline reporter Doris Burke caught him off guard coming out of the locker room and gnawing on a mastodon bone, if not actual human flesh.

The latter game on ABC’s twinbill was even more disheartening. The Lakers dealt Cleveland its first home loss, 101-91. Worse, ABC’s viewers were treated (again) to Lamar Odom being miked. And Odom had 28 points and 17 boards. Also, Adam Morrison is now a Laker! Here’s hoping that being on the West Coast again allows him to recapture something of his Gonzaga mojo. (All John Stockton fans have a soft spot for Gonzaga alums.)

If (as I predicted last October) we’re in for a Lakers-Cavs Finals, yesterday was not a good harbinger. But NBA pundits usually overestimate just how indicative these regular season games are of postseason outcomes, particularly in the Finals. When the season lasts 82 games, you’ve got to find something to talk about to fill airtime.

I’ve nearly made it through an entire NBA post without mentioning the Jazz, who are breaking my heart lately. First Deron Williams got injured during the preseason, then Carlos Boozer had arthroscopic surgery and now Andrei Kirlenko, everyone’s favorite NBA Russian blogger, gets surgery as well. Boozer and Kirilenko are both projected to return after the All-Star break, but at 29-23 Utah would miss the playoffs if they started today. I’ve resigned myself to rooting against the league’s truly evil teams — L.A. and San Antonio — and hoping Cleveland, Boston, Portland, New Orleans or Orlando (preferably in that order, though the last three are loooooong shots) can win the title. Which is why yesterday was so rough.

Oh yeah, Utah lost to Golden State, 116-96. Corey Maggette scored 24 and Stephen Jackson was two assists shy of a triple-double. And someone named Kelenna Azubuike scored 16 points.

Denys, go ahead. Carve me up.




13 thoughts on “Brandon Roy is the Man: a non-Jazz NBA post

  1. “Someone” named Kalenna Azubuike? Someone?!?!

    You mean this someone:

    Don’t you dare step foot in the bluegrass state.

  2. Oh, forgive me for crossing UK nation! You poor, aggrieved UK fans! I’ll never commit that transgression again.

    Seems like UK could sure use someone like Azubuike if it doesn’t want to lose three straight at home for the first time in school history.

  3. What is up with Odom being miked? Jon and I were commenting about how annoying (and stupid ) this is.

    I say, “Go Big Blue!”
    And, Jon says, “Go Lakers!”

  4. I don’t have the heart to rub salt into your wounds, Coach. With their dreadful play this season, whenever I see the Warriors stumble their way into another 120-112 loss I reminsced and yearn for yesteryears.

    I remember attending Game 3 of the 1st round in 2007 with a coworker with which I was smitten at the time (understood my sense of humor, cute, liked basketball, oh also huge rack) and the high fives, the thunderous crowd, and the terrible pink tequila drinks we consumed at a horrendous Mexican/Chinese restaraunt in celebration. One day, she head-faked the crap out me by asking, “So what’s up with you and [this other girl]?” I hemmed. I hawed. Deflecting the question like Hakeem rejecting Robinson 95 Conference Finals, I optimistically interpreted that innocent query as a sign of interest. A few days later, I broke up with the other girl that I was indeed hooking up with.

    Like a Ray Allen rainbow trey, she dropped the bomb on me that she was dating my office nemesis the next time we hung out. I haven’t spoken a personal word to her since. This is 1 year and 4 months ago. Oh, and she sits 8 ft from me in my office.

    But yeah, Captain Jack totally made C.J. Miles his bitch. Sort of like this girl I talked to . . .

  5. Wow, Coach, you really laid your heart out there. I feel like it should be 3 in the morning and us playing NBA Live while “Freshmen” plays in the background. Oh yeah, and LB telling you you’re “no good at video games.”

    (Is LB your office nemesis?)

    Remember that time you took me out for pink tequila drinks at that dive in Mt. Vernon?

  6. Did you see last week episode’s of SNL where four guys are sitting around talking about old times Mr. Big?

    “I am the one who wants to be with youuuuuuuuu! Deep inside I hope you feel it tooooooooo!”

  7. I’m so proud of Skyscraper. I always knew dropping out of school was a good choice for him. Now if only Jules Camara would join the Trotta’s.

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