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Friday Recommends: Apologizing

Christian Bale has apologized for his outburst. And Matthew Leathers called it when he said, “[Bale is] so stinkin’ method it’s ridiculous”:

During the interview, Bale explained that he had been trying to summon an air of madness for his character John Connor, who is trying to save the human race from the evil Skynet computers. “I was trying to show a little of that in the blood craziness. It went very wrong. . . ,” Bale said. “I made it ugly. That was awful of me. I took it way too far. I mixed up fact and fiction. I’m half John Connor there. I’m half Christian there.”


So, the half of Christian responsible for the tirade has come clean. We’ll wait for John Connor to issue his formal apology soon.

Christian — who called in to L.A. radio station KROQ to make his mea culpa — also had this bit of wisdom to share:

“Please, I want to make it clear. I am embarrassed by it. I regret it. I ask everybody to sit down and ask themselves if they have ever had a bad day and lost their temper and really regretted it immensely.”


We took Christian’s advice and sat down and asked ourselves if we’ve ever had a bad day and lost our temper and really regretted it immensely. And the answer, of course, was, “Sure — who hasn’t?” We’re not going to cast stones when someone slips up and drops the f-bomb 36 times in 4 minutes! We’ve doubled that amount in half the time before!

So today we’re recommending that you follow our lead (and Christian’s) and apologize to someone in your life who you’ve dressed down, John Connor-style. It could be a colleague, it could be your spouse, it could be your obese, good-for-nothing cat. Think of who that person is, and then instead of apologizing to them directly, call in to your local radio station and come clean. We already called in to 700 AM WLW this morning. If you missed it, and you are among those who needed an apology from us, we’ll recap here quickly:

To You Know Who You Are: Sorry for that thing we did with the thing.

To The Woman Driving A Tan Accord On Camargo Road: We acted rashly, and we apologize for that. We hope you’ve managed to get out of the ditch by now.

Ben, To His Coworkers: Sorry for all the goat blood in the breakroom.

To Those People We Burned At The Stake: Forgive us for showing a little of that blood craziness. Just bad timing all around.

To Jeremy Piven: We’d forgive you for everything if you deserved it. You don’t.

To Pittsburgh Steelers Fans: You are all total jerks, and we’re still waiting for your apology to us.

To The Girl Scouts Outside Kroger: Sorry for kicking you in the shins and stealing your Do-Si-Dos.

To Cousin Sally: Sorry we said your baby looked like “a rotten potato.”

Erin, To Ben: Sorry about waking you up at 3 a.m. with that ballistic sulfur missile. 

Ben, To Erin: Sorry, I thought it was my thong.

To The Owner Of The Great Dane Who Pooped In Our Yard: So sorry to hear of your vehicular troubles. Who knows how all that horse manure ended up in your gas tank?

To The Owner Of The Farm Down The Road: Sorry we took your horse.

To President Obama: Sorry for the embarrassment of our Senate hearing. We truly thought we had taken care of those hundred thousand dollars in back taxes. 

To Scooter Thomas: Sorry we blamed all those tax errors on you.

To Christian Bale: Sorry we ever doubted you. We never did.


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