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Lost Forum: “The Little Prince”


Until you hear otherwise, this man is still pulling all the strings.


Last night’s episode was titled “The Little Prince.” Add another literary reference to the pile (and read EW’s Doc Jensen for a breakdown on what, if anything, the allusion means). So what else did we learn?

  • Someone sent Sun some chocolates but accidentally left his or her gun in the same box.
  • If a hospital orderly says he just wants to give you an injection, he’s actually trying to kill you.
  • Charlotte’s not the only one getting nose bleeds.
  • We finally made the connection to who the lawyer Dan Norton (Tom Irwin) was in a past TV life: Angela’s dad in My So-Called Life. That had been bugging us.
  • Ben hired Norton to smoke out Kate by requesting a paternity test on Aaron.
  • Ben also has Norton doing work on the side investigating the case against Hurley, who needs to be sprung out of jail so everyone can go back to the island.
  • Ben is still nine steps ahead of everyone else.
  • And finally, Jin is alive thanks to a bunch of French people, specifically Danielle Rousseau. This is supposed to be 1988. The other time jumps tonight took us back to season one, chronologically-speaking, when Claire gave birth to Aaron and Locke pounded on the hatch looking for a sign, which he got in the form of the light shaft; and to some date most likely in the future, when the castaways find boats with an Ajira Airlines water bottle in one. (Doc Jensen’s theory? Ajira Airlines is the plane the Oceanic 6 return to the island on.)


All in all, a solid episode. We’d give this one a ‘B.’ We don’t have a lot else to say, except that we’re increasingly wary of the time travel thing. (So is Heather Havrilesky over at Salon.com, although she adds, “I’m still rallying around [the show] … in part because I’m curious about how thoroughly the writers will clean up the enormous, unfathomably complicated mess they’ve made.”) For a show that was already spinning eight thousand plates, throwing time travel into the mix is like spinning those plates while tightrope-walking above a pit of alligators. We also don’t like this idea of characters dying but not being dead. While time travel doesn’t (completely) account for Jin’s miraculous survival, we still feel cheated. Once you kill off a character, let him be. Yes, Sun needs a reason to return to the island, but resurrecting Jin to create that motivation is letting cleverness trump narrative, not to mention screwing with our emotional investment. And have we mentioned before that we really don’t like Jin’s character?

On the other hand, the fact the writers decided to throw in time travel is also what we love about the show. I mean, why not throw in time travel? Let’s go all in! 

The real question is: When will Christian Bale show up on the island and excoriate Bernard the dentist for being a total buffoon?

The other real question: What did Voreblog’s very own Doc Jensen, a k a Tad Smith, think?


9 thoughts on “Lost Forum: “The Little Prince”

  1. I’d go so far as to say Ben is 47 steps ahead of everyone else. Last night made my head spin. I had kind of almost forgotten about the Frenchies.

    I need another viewing to add anything relevant.

  2. i, for one, like Jin and i think if you didn’t already know he was still alive, you don’t know Lost very well. rule #1 about Lost: you never EVER believe someone is dead unless you actually see it happen and/or you see them in a casket (which we didn’t with Jin). and even if you see them in a casket (john locke) you still shouldn’t believe they’re dead. (we all know he’s coming back to life on the island)…

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