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Lies! Innuendo! Scuttlebutt! (Now, sadly, updated)

Christian Bale reportedly vents some holy anger.


Another Christian Bale kerfuffle! Apparently he went off on Shane Hurlbut, director of photography for Terminator: Salvation. (With a name like Hurlbut, doesn’t he deserve it?)

The graf we’d like to call attention to from the article is this one:

“I want you off the [expletive] set, you [expletive],” the man whose voice is believed to be Bale’s says.

“Believed to be”? Can you convict a man on “believed to be”?

There are links everywhere to the audio of this tirade, but we don’t advise you seeking them out unless your tolerance level for cursing is very, very high. (Whoever this purported “Christian Bale” is, he sure likes the f-bomb.)

Until Christian himself calls us to confirm that he sorta kinda got a little upset, we are casting no stones.


UPDATE: A friend of mine (Erin) wrote to ask “if a man who says the F-word over 36 times in a 4-minute span is less sexy.” Is he? I responded that, although I never thought I’d say it, I hope Bale was messed up on crack. Or meth. Meth would make you do something that horrible. Surely this episode will weed out those fairweather fans of Bale.  


UPDATE II: Still no phone call from Christian, but his guilt here seems all but certain. And now it’s gone viral: L.A. producer RevoLucian has remixed Christian’s tirade to obscene but amusing affect. Disclaimer: Do not play this at work. Do not play this around children. Do not play this in front of the Pope. Oh, Christian.




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