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Who’s ready to spend eight thousand hours talking about us?


Given how enthusiastic but perplexed we are about “Lost,” and given that we know many of you are in the same boat, we’re experimenting this week with a Lost Readers Forum. If it catches on, we will use Thursday posts to recap and discuss the previous night’s episode for the remainder of the season. If it tanks, Ben will just use Thursdays to write about the Utah Jazz. You’ve been warned.

So what did we learn during last night’s episode, “Jughead”? Let’s recap:

  • Daniel Faraday is in love with Charlotte (or so he says).
  • Other women Daniel Faraday was in love with and/or has conducted experiments on (Theresa Spencer) are in a vegetative state. 
  • The episode ends with blood pouring out of Charlotte’s nose. Well done, Daniel!
  • Also, there’s a hyrdrogen bomb on the island.
  • Every time Miles Straume (Ken Leung) has a scene we cannot help but picture him as the karaoke salesman who sings “Jesse’s Girl” in Keeping The Faith.
  • Richard Alpert is, according to Juliet, “old.”
  • Regardless of what year he’s in, Richard Alpert apparently spends the first two hours of his day applying eyeliner.
  • Desmond and Penny named their son Charlie, which is a nice nod to Charlie Pace but also a creepy nod to grandpa Charles.
  • Erin continues to heart Desmond, making several comments about how she likes it when his shirt hangs open. (When Ben does this around the house, however, she just says, “Do you not know how to button a shirt?”)
  • Desmond learns that Daniel’s mom (Ms. Hawking, we presume) is in L.A., which sets up how he and Penny will reunite with the Oceanic 6 so they can all return to the island. (But what will they do with Charlie? Day care?)
  • Michael Imperioli rocks a fierce Fu-Manchu mustache.
  • And oh yeah, Charles Widmore grew up on the island. He can also snap a man’s neck in two.

We also got a little context on Richard Alpert’s visit to young Locke when he asks Locke to pick from several objects on the table, one of them being the compass (which Locke does not pick, to Alpert’s dismay).

Other than that, we were nonplussed by the episode. According to a fan poll on Lost Wiki, though, the majority of voters gave it an “A+.” We were among the 15.8% who gave it a “C.”

So what did you think? Or, the more appropriate question we should be asking every week, What did we miss?


UPDATE: Tad Smith sees a likeness between a young Charles Widmore and a young Frank Sinatra. You be the judge.

joness5  the-essential-frank-sinatra-the-columbia-years


14 thoughts on “Readers Forum: The Lost Editions

  1. I appreciate the recap, since I struggle to remember things from episodes that happened a few years earlier. Great connection to the Locke/Alpert compass episode – I had totally forgotten.
    But what I disagree with in your post is that Alpert doesn’t apply eyeshadow, but a very heavy layer of eye-liner. It is incredible, and I wish I could get my eyes to look that good.

  2. Excellent point, Feathers’ Better Half. The less-better-half of Voreblog is somewhat careless with regard to id’ing various cosmetics. (Post now corrected.) And your eyes do look that good. Also, we’re cooking unicorn chili tonight. Do stop by.

  3. The Washington Post’s Celebritology Blog tosses out a few theories which may or may not have already come out of Tad Smith’s mouth:

    1) The donkey wheel was taken from the Black Rock.

    2) Richard Alpert and the Others were once the Black Rock’s crew.

    3) Everything in Charles Widmore’s office is a clue. (See last night’s screenshot of the polar bear picture)

    4) Daniel Faraday is the creator of the blast door map.

    5) The island native who escorted Daniel Faraday to Jughead was a young Theresa Spencer.

    6) Miles was the baby featured in the season opener, and Dr. Marvin Candle (just one of his many monikers) is his father.

    7) Sawyer is a transvestite.

    The last one is a joke.

  4. 1) already said.
    2) already said.
    3) very interesting.
    4) see #3. is daniel faraday the infamous “radzinski?”
    5) meh.
    6) already said, courtesy of Mike Allen.
    7) is this really a joke? i had a theory that revolved around this…..2 1/2 years down the drain.

    i also give this episode a “C.” It didn’t help that I watched it ten feet away from a 5’x7′ TV. TB and I are watching again tonight, might have more input later.

    Does anybody else think young Charles Widmore looks a bit like young Frank Sinatra?

  5. We got a little sloppy in our analysis when we implied that Penny also has to return to the island along with Desmond and the Oceanic Six. Having never been on the island, she does not. However, Desmond going to L.A. sets the stage for Ben and Penny to have their fateful showdown. What incentive would Desmond ever have to return to the island? How about Ben killing Penny? This would still not explain how Des would find child care for little Charlie however.

  6. okay, having watched this again…..and having trolled around a couple of other Lost boards, something somebody said struck me with some potential.

    what if ellie (rifle girl who led faraday to the bomb) turns out to be Ellie Hawking (aka Crazy Time Lady, potentially Faraday’s mother). Could Ellie be Daniel’s mom? And what if Faraday’s dad ended up being……..Charles Widmore? And what if they had to leave the island if they wanted to have their baby???? Crazy talk? Plausible? Ben, thoughts?????

  7. Hmmmm. I see a lot of potential there. Didn’t Daniel say to Ellie that she looked familiar? What was Widmore’s reaction when Desmond asked him where he could find Daniel’s mom? And are Hawking and Widmore estranged?

    If this is all plausible (I think it is), then does Ben know Ellie Hawking is Widmore’s wife? Is he answering to someone who is ultimately working with Widmore, Ben’s immortal enemy? Or are Hawking and Widmore working against each other? You’ve only raised more questions and given me a migraine.

  8. sorry. one more question for your migraine. does daniel know that ellie is his mom? does the introduction of american WWII soldiers bring us one step closer to Nazis appearing on the island?

  9. Nazis and a talking, flesh-eating plant that speaks German.

    I don’t think Daniel knows that Ellie is his mom. But who knows how much he knows and how much he doesn’t. He seems to have replaced Ben as the character who knows anything and everything about what’s going on.

  10. while i’m not smart enough to contribute my own theories (which, prior to reading these posts, i thought were pretty good, but am now realizing they are elementary at best), i loved reading your recap and hope you keep doing it!!! those Lost forums scare me, but i can handle THIS. thanks, vores 🙂

  11. Lauren, we’re glad you feel at home here in the Lost forum. We’re counting on you and Patrick to shed some light on any and all medical and mathematical developments on the island. Do not let us down.

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