Snuggie Week Continues, and Ends.

As part of this blog’s ceaseless efforts to capture the Snuggie zeitgeist, we must note today that USA Today, Time and Good Morning America have all covered the Snuggie recently. Did you know that there is now a Snuggie drinking game? (Participants chug every time a Snuggie commercial airs after midnight.) Or that there is a Facebook Snuggie Fan Club? Or that at least one commentator has wondered aloud if Snuggies are not in fact a “Garment of Satan” ?

And oh have there been parodies.

At this point we’re pretty sure the Snuggie has saturated popular culture more than anyone thought (or would want) possible. We apologize for any role we may have had in its power play for world domination. Let us never speak of it again.


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