Scooter Thomas

Scooter Thomas Goes Snuggie

Several of our readers commented that Snuggies Inc. is missing out on the feline demographic by failing to produce a cat-sized Snuggie. Could it be that one size really does fit all, human and feline? We decided to put it to the test.


Scooter Thomas in a Snuggie, take one.


Even with a cat of Scooter Thomas’s girth, the answer seemed pretty clear that one size does not fit all. Nonetheless, this has not stopped Mr. Scooter T from wearing a Snuggie about the house.


Scooter Thomas attempting (admirably) to fill out a human-size Snuggie.


Now that Scooter Thomas has officially come out on this blog by allowing himself to be photographed, he is demanding that every post feature a photo of him. The megalomania of that cat knows no bounds.


Local forecasters are throwing around words like “significant ice event” and “walloped by snow” as a winter storm system sweeps through the greater Cincinnati area. You know what that means!



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