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Go Snuggie!

A few weeks back we mentioned that one of our highs in 2008 was this infomercial about Snuggies (The Blanket That Has Sleeves! ©). Take a moment to watch it again now:


Shortly after that post, we were contacted by Chet Hornberger III, Vice President of Marketing & Sales for Snuggies, Inc. He told us Snuggies was looking to break into the Cincinnati market, especially among white married bloggers. Would we consider becoming spokespeople for his product? And perhaps take some pictures of us doing everyday activities in our Snuggies, to show our readership what a practical yet fashionable product it is?

To which we replied, “Would we!”



Read in bed with a Snuggie. (Cats love them!)



Play board games in your Snuggie!



Rock out with fellow bloggers (and basset hounds!) in your Snuggie.



Fact: Snuggies will increase your score in Rock Band by 78,000 points.


Pump gas in your Snuggie!



Cheer on your favorite sports team in your Snuggie!



Go for a run in your Snuggie!



Go swinging in your Snuggie!



What’s more fun than a slide? Answer: Sliding in your Snuggie!



Go grocery shopping in your Snuggie!



Stand in very long check-out lines in your Snuggie!



Snuggies and dangerous equipment go together like Kid and Play.



Snuggies make oil changes a breeze!



The Snuggie goes great with formal wear.



Make a statement at your next dinner party.



Warning: Small children are occasionally terrified of Snuggies.



Snuggies demand respect in the boardroom.



A “Lost” party isn’t a real “Lost” party until someone puts on a Snuggie.



Snuggies will not restrict your movement during a lightsaber duel.



Blood stains may not wash out of your Snuggie, so don’t get killed in one.


So what conclusions did we draw after giving our Snuggies a rigorous test drive? One: They are ill-suited for running. Two: They are ill-suited for virtually any physical activity. When dormant, however, one can appreciate the virtues of the Snuggie as a blanket that does in fact have sleeves. Three: Ben was angry it didn’t have a clasp in the back. Erin suggested that would go against the core principles of the Snuggie, as if she had a clear philosophical grasp on what those core principles were. Four: Wearing a Snuggie in public will win you some looks.

So what’s our verdict? Let’s just say we won’t be giving our Snuggies away, as originally intended when we began this experiment. And that book light is pretty sweet! Therefore we are, unapologetically, proclaiming our full-fledged membership in, yes, The Cult of the Snuggie.



16 thoughts on “Go Snuggie!

  1. Ahh…definitly just got a few stares at work b/c I was laughing so hard. You guys get good use outta your snuggies! 🙂

  2. I have a whole new view of these Snuggies. I see these damn commercials every day on CNBC at least 14 times. It’s good to know that there are some quality social uses for the Snuggie, can’t wait to play Rock Band in mine!

  3. This is the greatest, yet worst, thing I’ve ever seen. My favorite pic is, of course, the one with Scooter. It looks like he takes up over half of Erin’s body. They should make a four-legged Snuggie for him.

  4. That was fantastic! I’m actually a bit jealous…I often have the problem of cold arms when I want to snuggle under a blanket, but want to read or use the remote, or pump gas, or have a lightsaber duel…..

  5. Have you guys tried the usefulness of the Snuggie against hypothermia? Seems like a good day up there to give it a whirl.

  6. Oh my goodness!! One of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. You guys are awesome!!! The snuggie company should seriously start paying you for all the good press!

  7. I am delighted. I think Ben’s facial expressions really sell the utility of the Sunggie. The boardroom, pumping gas, waiting in line at Kroger, and the oil change are particularly hilarious.

  8. the two best infomercial products ever have to the Snuggie and the Shamwow… i wonder if it’s possible to combine the two, and make a single, super-absorbent robe?

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