Friday Recommends, movies, readers forum

Special Reader Participation Edition of Friday Recommends

The Oscar Nominees Readers Forum includes more than a few recommendations to Academy Voters on what they should (or should not) endorse this year. So we thought to ourselves, instead of us offering a recommendation today, why don’t you recommend something to the Academy Voters. It could be that they burn their copies of Slumdog Millionaire. Or that Underworld: Rise of the Lycans be recognized as a Best Picture nomineee. Or you could recommend that fellow Voreblog readers watch your favorite movie of all time, even if that movie is Snake Eyes. Whatever. Just recommend something.

Or you could recommend something else. Like for your neighbors to stop letting their Great Danes poop in your yard. Or for Howie Mandel to not be given any more TV shows. Or for Sigur Ros to not allow their songs be played on “Private Practice.” Or that mammas don’t let their sons grow up to be cowboys. Or for that two-timing bastard Ricky to take a long walk off a short pier. 

Basically you can recommend anything. Just do it here, as opposed to commenting on this post.



p.s. Last night’s best Tracy Jordan line: “That’s a white myth like Larry Bird or Colorado.”


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