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New Year Resolutions Update

There’s one resolution we left off our list from a week ago. Being former English majors, we have a deep and abiding respect for proper attribution of sources. To date, however, we have not been documenting the numerous sites from around the Web from which we (quite liberally) “borrow” photographs. Starting today, we resolve to cite our sources. Instead of noting the source directly below the photograph, however, we will do so at the bottom of the post. (See example below for this photograph of Christian Bale from Equilibrium.)


Christian Bale demonstrates the nimble art of gun karate, or “Gun Kata.”


How are we doing so far on our other resolutions, you ask? We have cooked most of our meals at home, although Ben has still basically been heating things up. But he’s 100 pages into Omnivore’s Dilemma, and we just bought a copy of Eat This, Not That: The Supermarket Survival Guide today. (Bad news if you like Reduced Fat Wheat Thins, Bertolli frozen meals and Basic 4 cereal. Or Starburst Fruit Chews.*)

Meanwhile, Erin has worked out six times and Ben has run 24 miles in two weeks. But fellow colleague and Ben look-a-like Dave Powell, who also got a Nike + iPod for Christmas, is training for a full marathon and is running 24 miles a week, which puts Ben to shame. 

We have not adopted a kitten or cleaned our colons yet.




* = Did you know that if you had one Starburst serving a day (8 pieces) for a whole year that you would gain 21.5 pounds of body fat? That’s more than a Scooter Thomas of additional body fat. We’re off to vomit now.


One thought on “New Year Resolutions Update

  1. Wow! Equlibrium. We really are trying to bring Bale back down a peg. If people see me running, I’ll say I’m you. Shhh. They’ll never know.

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