The New Yorker profiles Bon Iver

Does The New Yorker think it needs to go after the indie rock demographic or something? First Will Oldham, and this week Justin Vernon, a k a Bon Iver (#3 on Voreblog’s Best of 2008 list). Vernon’s profile, by Sasha Frere-Jones, is far less — how should we say? — scattershot than the Oldham piece. And it’s the first time we’ve seen anyone explain where the name Bon Iver came from. (Hint: It’s from Northern Exposure.) Go read it.


3 thoughts on “The New Yorker profiles Bon Iver

  1. Thanks for this. It made me appreciate the show I saw last month even more. The author put into words everything I was feeling at the time.

  2. thanks for the link, Vores, that was an interesting article. I feel it’s time I leave you some comments as I’ve been reading your blog every day since your year in books post. have you seen Bon Iver live yet? I agree with Sasha that they’re really starting to flesh the album/songs out in concert. the first time i saw them, the songs were bare and sparse just as on the album. the second time, the songs had all kinds of new sonic layers added and his lil helper boys (that one guitarist is 12 if he’s a day) added some great harmonies. and the third time, i couldn’t hear anything (stupid stage 3 at pitchfork) so i have no idea what it sounded like.

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