Will Oldham in The New Yorker

Will Oldham (a k a, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, winner of Voreblog’s Album of the Year for Lie Down in the Light) gets profiled in The New Yorker. We were not aware he is a collector of Muslim bumper stickers. Or that he played the role of a police officer in R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet.” We’re glad someone got to the bottom of this.


2 thoughts on “Will Oldham in The New Yorker

  1. i would have given something very special to be a fly on the wall during that interview.

    new yorker interviewer: so you hate interviews.
    will oldham: yes
    nyi: so you don’t like to talk about yourself
    wo: yep
    nyi: okay, um…
    wo: uh…yeah.
    nyi: so what do we do now?
    wo: um…here’s a book of lyrics i don’t how to sell
    nyi: thanks!

    oh, where’s the plucky invasiveness of the lucinda williams interview? the fancy new yorker got played, kentucky-style. shame on all of you.

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