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Dear Man Who Was Air-Drumming To Over The Rhine Last Night At The Taft Theater,

We couldn’t help but notice you standing by the stage during the last song before the first encore. We couldn’t help but notice because, although we were all the way up in the balcony, it was still the balcony in the Taft Theater, where everyone has seats to sit in, generally because the entertainment at the Taft is of the sit-down variety. You, however, made the bold choice of getting out of your seat and walking to the very front, stage left. We do not know what compelled you to draw attention to yourself in this way. We’re just saying this is how we noticed you.

At this point we also noticed that you were really into air-drumming. You also dabbled in a bit of air guitar here and there, but air-drumming seemed to be your forte. We enjoy the occasional foray into air-drumming (and air-guitaring) ourselves, although when we partake it is generally in the privacy of our own home. Also, when we do it, it is usually to music that’s, you know, kind of rockin’. And while we like Over The Rhine, we do not feel their strengths are suited to ferocious drumming or guitar shredding. (This is just us.)

One other thing: When you began convulsing and bending and jerking and fist-pumping, it was obvious that the music was taking you someplace, someplace we have never been. Far be it from us to judge, but whatever it is you were feeling in that moment, that feeling was wrong. We’re sorry to be the ones to break this to you. But you can’t say we didn’t try and speak the truth in love.


The Vores


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