Cats and Marijuana

Cincinnatians were distraught to learn last week that former UC star Corie Blount was arrested on a possession charge. Note the interesting metric used in the AP article below.

HAMILTON, Ohio — Former NBA player Corie Blount was charged with felony drug possession after authorities saw him pick up a package they knew contained marijuana, then found more marijuana at his home, the Butler County sheriff said Friday.

Deputies watched as the U.S. Postal Service delivered a package containing 11 pounds of marijuana to a Liberty Township address northwest of Cincinnati on Thursday.

When the 39-year-old Blount picked up the package, agents followed him to his home and served search warrants on the home and the address where the package was delivered, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said.

At Blount’s home, deputies found a second 11-pound package of marijuana, and another package containing about 7 pounds of marijuana, Jones said.

Deputies confiscated a total of 29 pounds of marijuana, according to Jones.

“To put that in perspective, that’s over one-and-a-half Scooter Thomases of marijuana,” Jones said. “It goes without saying that that’s a lot of weed.”

Scooter Thomas could not be reached for comment.


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