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Utah Jazz Mini-Mini-Update


Jerry Sloan will have none of it, thank you very much.


Jerry Sloan celebrated his 20th anniversary as Utah’s coach last night. (Mehmet Okur hit a runner with 1.7 seconds left to give the Jazz a 99-96 victory in Minnesota.*) Did you know there have been 223 coaching changes in the NBA since Sloan started coaching on December 7, 1988? And that while Del Harris, Larry Bird, Mike Dunleavy, Doc Rivers and Sam Mitchell (Sam Mitchell!) have all been named Coach of the Year since then, Sloan has never been, not once?’s J.A. Adande has an appreciation here.



* = Morris Almond had 4 points in 13 minutes off the bench.


4 thoughts on “Utah Jazz Mini-Mini-Update

  1. Your bro-mances with various members of the Jazz is almost as disturbing as Buffalo Bill. Stockton probably learned his lazy screens where he sticks his knee out accidentally from Sloan. (You can’t see me from over there, but I finger-quoted accidentally.)

  2. Oh, I saw the finger quotes.

    Your Warriors dismantled the Bucks tonight. Ever since Milwaukee got rid of Yi Jianlian it’s been all downhill.

  3. The COY award is about as dumb as Bill Walton’s sorry excuse for a face. But consider this? What would Sloan DO with his Coach of the Year award were he to win it? My guess — pee on it.

  4. This is a good point. I’m sure no one cares less about the award than Sloan himself. If they gave out a John Deere tractor instead, it’d be a different story.

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