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The Voreblog Photo Album, part two

Part one was a recap of some of our favorite vacation pics. Now it’s time to catch up on some wedding shots. Lights, please.



Cincinnati. August 2004. The Beers driveway. Erin and sisters.



Jon G., moments before escorting Erin down the aisle: “I want grandkids and I want them now.”



“It’s been eight seconds. I don’t see any grandkids.”



Ben thanks his lucky stars he beat his receding hairline to his wedding day. The morning after, virtually all of his hair fell out.



Erin & Ben discover that Dan Vore has left a shaving cream butt imprint on their car. (Jon G. is checking to see if Erin is pregnant yet.)



“So I’ve been thinking we should start a blog in four years.”



Erin & Ben scope out the crowd at the Art Museum. “Ten bucks says you can’t hit table three with a loogie.”



Our friends and family. Look very closely and you’ll see a gob of spit on table three.


Regrettably, we do not have digital photos from many of our friends’ weddings. Thus, any exclusion should not be taken as a slight or any indication that you failed some kind of friendship test. (Though some of you have. You know who you are.*) From the weddings we did photograph, here are a few highlights.



Jesse and Elaine Savage (background) toast the married life. October 2006. San Francisco, CA.



Ben toasts Jesse. He refrains from using any analogies about men in a boat.


The Vore clan at Joseph & Mary Tufts’s wedding. Columbus, OH. May 2007. (We do not know who the strange bearded man is in the back.)



Later the strange bearded man put on a “Mr. Happy” t-shirt and caused a ruckus in the conga line.



Do not let this man near the dance floor at your wedding. He will burn it up.



Jenny Porterfield at her wedding in Columbus, OH. June 2007. David, not pictured, makes a mean grilled salmon. 



From Joe & Sarah Giordano’s wedding at Ault Park, June 2007. Mike & Gail Cicak and Erin enjoy a tasty June Sparkler.



They also served Coneys at the reception. (Best. Idea. Ever.)



Lauren & Patrick Brown’s wedding. Hudson, OH. September 2007.



Patrick and Mr. Brown Dr. Steidl, also a beekeeper.



The Beers women at Ellen & Eric’s wedding. Peterloon, Cincinnati. October 2007.



Jon G. Beers, calculating how much this wedding is costing him per minute.



Jon G. prepares to give the toast.



“Having kids isn’t rocket science. So let’s get crackin’, gals.”



“Seriously, who stole my grandkids?”



“Suz, shut it down. No one’s having any more fun ’til I get me a kid.”



Eric & Ellen make a run on the cake in case Jon isn’t joking. 



Rob Smart, taking a brief rest from his full-time calling as a dancing machine.



Steve & Donna Vore mask their grandchild-less rage for a split second. Donna later cut the power under direct orders from Jon G.



From Tom & Kathleen Freyvogel’s wedding. Pittsburgh, PA, January 2008. The post-rehearsal dinner fireworks spelled KATHLEEN (HEARTS) TOM.



This is a good-lookin’ bunch of men. 



They married a better-lookin’ bunch of women.



More good-lookin’ ladies, smothering Tom & Kathleen with affection.


Final installment of the Voreblog Photo Album coming sometime in the indefinite future and showcasing: numerous unflattering pictures of Scooter Thomas, scandalous shots of celebrities from our days in the paparazzi, pictures of Ben flexing in front of the mirror, and incriminating shots of Erin picking her boogs when she thought no one was looking.



* = Fred and Lucinda.**

** = Fred and Lucinda are not real. If they were, we’d make every effort to find something likable about them, grueling as that task may be.


4 thoughts on “The Voreblog Photo Album, part two

  1. Lovely photos … and while the posted dates are helpful, they are not entirely necessary. We can track the chronology by observing Ben’s (lack of) hair.

  2. great pics! only one error… that’s Patrick and Dr. STEIDL, not Mr. Brown! we were laughing at how Patrick could look like my dad if he grew a stache!

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