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More Things To Love About Ohio

Second in an occasional series promoting a positive message about our state.


LeBron James hasn’t left for New York … yet!’s Chris Broussard quotes “a person close to LeBron”* as saying “It’s not a foregone conclusion that he’s leaving” for New York when his contract expires in 2010. 

Take that, Big Apple! Ha HA! No foregone conclusion for you!

On the other hand, Broussard quotes “another friend”** as saying, “[LeBron is] obsessed with living in New York.”

Ohio: Come see LeBron James while you still can.



* = Would a random person sitting courtside at a Cavs game qualify as “a person close to LeBron”? What about, say, a seven-year-old getting his autograph? A little more transparency with one’s sources please, Mr. Gla– I mean, Broussard.

** = We are very close personal friends of LeBron’s and are somewhat put out that we were not contacted by Mr. Broussard. For the record, LeBron told us he’s obsessed with living in Salt Lake City.


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