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Things To Love About Ohio

The first in an occasional series promoting a positive message about our state.


Injured Player

The Onion has this picture under the headline, “Injured Player Gives Thumbs-Down While Being Carted Off Field.” The paper could have picked any random NFL player and Photoshopped him. But it picked someone in a Bengals jersey! (While Browns players look on!) Yay!

Combined record of Ohio NFL teams: 5-16-1

Record of Michigan NFL teams: 0-11

Ohio: Our football is not as bad as Michigan’s!


One thought on “Things To Love About Ohio

  1. If I cared at all about the Lions, I’d be crafting some biting reply … but no one in Michigan (or from Michigan) cares about the Lions.

    Now, if you’re going to start in on the Wolverine’s miserable, worst-ever-in-the-history-of-the-world season … well, I’m just going to start weeping.

    Hope the run went well this morning…

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