The Votes Are In.

Last week we asked you to vote on Heino’s Heebie/Sheebieness or Sheebie/Heebieness (or simply his/her Germanness). After a recount and numerous legal challenges, we are here to certify the results. And by a one vote margin you have declared that Heino is in fact a guy who looks like a girl.


Voreblog Readers: This is a man.

We did a little research, and it turns out that Heino is indeed a man. In Germany he is apparently considered an “icon of kitsch” whose “Latin American themes of many of his songs [lend] themselves to jokes about German emigration to South America after World War II.” And just looking at the titles of some of those songs — “Zu der Ponderosa reiten wir,” or “Karamba, Karacho, ein Whisky” — makes it clear to us exactly how hilarious those jokes must be.

Incidentally, here is a more recent picture of Heino, confirming his shift in the more empirically masculine direction.


Heino sings his smash single, “Bergvagabunden.”


The lesson from all this? One vote can make a huge, gender-bending difference. Never forget this.

(The official Heino Worship Page, should you ever feel compelled to learn more about this man than you already know, is here.)


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