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The Voreblog Photo Album, part one

Between having our digital camera stolen and then our Macbook corrupted, we haven’t posted many personal shots in this space. Finally, thanks to Kodak EasyShare Gallery, we obtained a complete CD archive of our account. We’ll space things out over the next couple weeks so as not to bombard you with all of our photos all at once. So gather round while we show you our vacation slides, starting with pics from Bar Harbor, Maine, September 2006.

Lights, please.


The obligatory stunning nature shot. Jordan Pond, in Arcadia National Park.



Thunder Hole. The correct pronounciation is “THUNDER HOLE.”



The Ocean Path walk, nearing dusk.


The Lost puzzle we assembled.


Outside Ben & Bill’s Ice Cream. The ice cream cone is fake but the lobster is not.


The town of Bar Harbor was ankle deep in dog feces until this sign was posted. Tourism has since recovered.


After summiting Cadillac Mountain, before a celebratory beer.


After two celebratory beers.


After four celebratory but skunked beers.



Seven very skunked beers.



Eleven beers and six vodka tonics.


Nineteen beers, an Alabama Slamma, two Firebreathers and one Burning Smurf.


Twenty-eight beers, three Irish Car Bombs, a Four Horseman, Hong Kong Hangover, Flatliner, Scooby Snack, Mind Eraser, Spanish Paint Stripper and too-many-to-count Three Wisemens. 


Obligatory closing nature shot. Shortly before Ben was mauled by a jellyfish.



San Francisco, October 2006. Jesse Savage’s wedding. One month after our Bar Harbor hangover wore off, we started back up at the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley. 



High fives were never more in fashion than in the fall of 2006. With high five champion, Eric Bescak.



The erstwhile Men of 113 Bexley (minus Erich Kurschat, taking the picture) don their Joe Magliaro Memorial Jogging Club t’s, exquisitely designed using a Chisel Tip Sharpie. Astonishingly, digital enhancement was not used on any of our biceps.



Pre-run stretching using the patented Beez gluteus stretch.



Washington, D.C. June 2007. Outside the White House, with the special passes Emily Huie stole for us.



The Vore clan at the White House, seconds before Donna Vore was taken down by the Secret Service.



Emilly and Erin ponder the outcome of Senate Bill #998. (It passed.)



Katie Stratman and Erin in our nation’s capital.



Tai Shan at the National Zoo. The zookeepers would not let us take him home with us.



Scooter Thomas’s father at the National Zoo.



Scooter Thomas’s mother.

Coming soon: Pictures from friends’ weddings!


9 thoughts on “The Voreblog Photo Album, part one

  1. Erin- I believe we are actually in the Rose Garden in that photo, and SHHH don’t tell anyone I took those for you- I don’t want to lose my job. Oh wait, I might be losing it anyway… shoot.

  2. After all these great pictures, the only thing I can think about is how awful that puzzle must have been. The only thing more frustrating than watching that show is putting together a thousand piece puzzle about that show. Why do you do this to yourself?

  3. The thing about the Lost puzzle is that we didn’t even have a picture to go on. There’s just a big question mark on the box.

  4. Oh my goodness – I just spend the last hour reading your blog and catching up and you guys are unbelievable hilarious!!! There are so many things that I loved I can’t recount them all!! Thanks for all the time you take to write out all this stuff. Love your humor…love you!

  5. I had seen the lobster picture before, but never knew you were outside Ben & Bill’s. I love that place! They have them on Martha’s Vineyard. If you ever go back, I highly recommend the KGB.

  6. Embo — Sorry. We forgot we weren’t supposed to take pictures. If this in any way compromises you, we will take it down. Just give us the secret code word. (Tell us what it is before you give it to us so we know.)

    Meghan — We’re glad you enjoy! Thank you for your readership.

    Feathers — Is your life in danger?

    Scott — We didn’t know Ben & Bill’s is a chain. Sadly, we have never tried the KGB. What have we missed all our lives?

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