More Bad Album Covers and a Mini-Voreslang

Our last post linked to a site that showcased twenty of the worst album covers known to humankind. We followed the link a little further and discovered a few that we had not seen the first time around.

Such as:


This is disturbing on about eight levels. First and foremost in our mind, however, is that the rat appears to be smiling. Is it only us? Did Swamp Dogg draw a little smiley face on there? Either way, Swamp should not be forgiven for that shirt.

Then there is this one:


We were going to wait until the next Voreslang to pull this one out, but we couldn’t wait once we saw Heino. Whenever we see someone of androgynous appearance, we play a little game called “Heebie/Sheebie.” A Heebiesheebie is a girl who looks like a guy; a Sheebieheebie vice versa. (If this seems backward, think of it this way: Men and women look distinct. If you’re androgynous, you look like you’re moving toward the other gender. Hence, a girl who looks like a guy but is actually a girl wants to be a he.)

Back to the game: If we both agree on one’s Heebieness or Sheebieness, then the game is over and we both win. If we disagree, we must track/follow/stalk that person until we conclusively identify his/her gender. This can be difficult when you’re in a car. 

We can play this game now using our fun WordPress polling feature. 

That was fun.

And finally:


This is sort of uplifting until you know that the McDonald Sisters were given the choice of Confidence or Friends. This makes the cover that much more tragic.


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