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All My Friends Are Dead


Our friends Dusty & Lauren shared this site with us last night, a dazzling exhibit of some truly awful album covers running the full spectrum of wrong. (The commentary is just as amusing as the covers.) Our personal favorite is the one above, Something Special From Jeff. If you start at the top and work down, you might think to yourself, “OK, Jeff seems like a decent guy with nice hair and a kind of zombie pallor, but he promises something special and that’s a snappy red tie and a sharp jacket and oh dear Lord he’s got a hook for a hand.”*

Or take this one:


Now imagine if you were one of Freddie’s friends who was not dead when this album came out. Seems pretty clear what Freddie thinks of your friendship. Freddie burned all of his bridges with this one.

Finally, there is this:


Whatever happened to zip zap rap? Answer: Devastatin’ Dave. Neither survived.


Over at the Voreblog Readers Forum, much reminiscing has taken place as we’ve been revisiting seminal MTV videos. Tad Smith has taken it as an opportunity to regale us with the lyrics of “What’s Up Doc?” by Fu-Schnickens (with Shaq), while Mark Hoobler discovers that Cheap Trick’s drummer was in fact a “young, laconic, chain-smoking Wilford Brimley.” There has also been extensive research into the current whereabouts of ex-VJs, with revelations that lead some to question all that they hold dear. (This sounds like a teaser for a very special ER!) You’re missing out on the conversation if you don’t click here.



* = There was a spirited debate as to what Jeff’s music sounded like. The winner was, “A guitar going more and more off key as the strings keep breaking.”


3 thoughts on “All My Friends Are Dead

  1. We debated whether Jim Post or the Man O War Anthology would be your favorite. We also think you could pull the stache off if you tried.

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