We Voted.


Ballot numbers eighteen and nineteen at the Deer Park Municipal Building. It looked to be a very long day there, as a volunteer named Carl (who, God bless him, appeared to be 103 years old) was trying his darnedest to run the entire operation himself. “Is there an open voting station? No? Well where are the clipboards?” he said. “What about more pens? Judy, we’re gonna run out of pens here! Fill out the entire box, everyone! And both sides!” Someone’s cell phone went off. “No cell phones!” Carl barked. You could see his fellow volunteers’ jaws clamping with tension. Ah, democracy.

Afterwards we got a free tall coffee at Starbucks. Get yours!


3 thoughts on “We Voted.

  1. good thing Carl wasn’t working in my precinct, where he could have seen me dig around trying to silence my ringing cell phone while feeding my daughter goldfish and handing her my extra “I Voted Today!” stickers. Luckily I got the nice poll workers who fed her Cheetos while we voted.

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