National Popular Vote, Part 2

Matthew Yglesias makes a case for the National Popular Vote with an accompanying visual chart (h/t Andrew Gellman) illustrating how much your vote is likely to matter depending on where you live: 


Speaking on behalf of the state of Ohio, we are shocked (shocked!) that we are not in fact the center of the political universe. Perhaps we’ll benefit from some crippling voter fraud/voter suppression scandals next week so everyone starts talking about us again.


One thought on “National Popular Vote, Part 2

  1. Being in the center of the political universe is getting mighty old… let’s vote, already!

    After Obama was in town
    some signs that once read:

    Vote for

    were scribbled on, so that
    “vote for”
    and the C and E in change
    were crossed out

    leaving it to read

    regardless of candidate preference

    back to sermon writing

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