Mmmmm, Brains

Mark your calendars: Ryan Mecum, author of Zombie Haiku, will be signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers a week from today — otherwise known as October 28 — at seven p.m. 

Should we get the opportunity, we hope we can ask Mr. Mecum the following questions:

1. What does your mom think of your book? Specifically we are thinking of the part where the main character eats his own mother and “her meaty thighs.”

2. Will we overcome zombie bigotry in this country and ever see the day when zombies become a professional sports mascot? (Seriously, who would want to play the Buffalo Zombies?)

3. Have you ever participated in a zombie walk? Because isn’t that you at the bottom with the blood trickling out of your mouth?



4. Would you describe yourself as a zombie purist who believes that a zombie “would never have the ability to call for ‘brains’ and furthermore that a zombie needs only living or freshly killed flesh for sustenance, and not the brain in particular”? (This is from Wikipedia.) Or do you just like the sound of undead moaning?

5. Speaking of which, should we be concerned that you appear to be eating someone’s brains right now?


We hope we’ll get some answers. And that we see you there.


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