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Not-So-Subtle Signs From Our Parents That They Want Grandchildren

  • At parties, they spend more time holding other peoples’ babies than anyone else.
  • As they’re holding them, they make eye contact and nod toward the baby.
  • Then they point at us to make it clear what they’re trying to say.
  • Then they gesture at their watch and make a sad face and pretend to cry.
  • The number of times they casually remark, “Pretty quiet around the house with just our cat.”
  • Or, “Sure would be nice to have some grandkids.”
  • The airplane that flew over our house today pulling a sky banner that read, HOW MUCH LONGER WILL YOU MAKE US WAIT???
  • When we ask how their day went, they respond, “Pretty good, despite the fact we didn’t have a grandchild to share it with.”
  • All signs of fatigue or illness point to pregnancy.
  • A look of sad resignation settles over them whenever we go out to eat and Erin orders wine.
  • The rent-a-grandchild catalogs that come in their mail.
  • The number of times they say, “If we’re being too subtle, let us know so we can lay it on thick.”

12 thoughts on “Not-So-Subtle Signs From Our Parents That They Want Grandchildren

  1. My mom would send little clothes for our dog to wear. Hint, hint…thanks mom!

    But just think what great preparation you have gotten working in a retail environment. Handling a young child is really no different than handling most of our customers. They’re demanding, irrational, can’t really tell you what they want, can’t understand why you can’t give them what they want RIGHT NOW…You know, maybe we ought to keep a supply of goldfish crackers behind the counter!

  2. The comments are almost as funny as the post itself. And, let it be known that I am totally up for lending my kids out to wanna be grandparents:)

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