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Other Concert Highlights Of Our Lives

Over at the Voreblog Readers Forum, we’ve been discussing concert experiences both good and bad. You are welcome to join the conversation here. In the meantime, a few other highlights from concerts we’ve been to over the years:

  • Erin attended the Ryan Adams show at The Ryman when he ejected an audience member for requesting “Summer of ’69.” (This, incidentally, was another October concert but sans Ben — 10/14/02.)
  • Ben’s first concert was not until college (Guided By Voices at a total hole in the wall in Columbus).
  • At another Guided By Voices show at the Beehive in Pittsburgh (May 7, 2001), Bob Pollard’s high-kicking, beer-guzzling antics, coupled with the deafening output coming from the speakers we were pinned up against, gave Ben a migraine for the next forty-eight hours. (Dan, Ben’s brother, brought his friend Tim, who remarked afterwards, “If my head feels like this after that show, I’m surprised Bob’s head didn’t simply explode.”)
  • Before Ben and Erin met, they attended three separate Wilco shows on three consecutive nights: Erin in Indianapolis on Thursday and Columbus on Friday, and Ben in Pittsburgh on Saturday. (We know this because brother-in-law Eric gave Erin a Ticket Stub Diary for Christmas last year, easily the coolest thing on our coffee table.)
  • Ben stood next to Cat Power at a Pete Yorn show in Pittsburgh and totally didn’t know who she was until she got up onstage. 
  • Despite claiming to loathe Greg Dulli and the Afghan Whigs, Erin went to see them at Bogarts in September of ’99. (Incidentally, she will not admit this publicly, but she has come around on M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes.”)
  • At a Flaming Lips concert in Pittsburgh (4/27/2003), one of Ben’s youth group moms spent the entire show onstage dancing in a tiger costume.
  • Ben ran into his ninth grade girlfriend Elisabeth Koot six years after they graduated at a U2 show at Mellon Arena (a k a, “The Igloo”). It was surprisingly not awkward. 
  • We have the utmost respect for band members who sell their own shirts (here we are specifically thinking of Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo).
  • When we bought a shirt from Ira, Erin told him that the song we danced to at our wedding was “Our Way To Fall.” Ira nodded and smiled. It was very loud in the room. He obviously didn’t hear us. We think he’s deaf.
Speaking of “Our Way To Fall,” someone took some old family Super 8s and put together this video that we think captures the song perfectly. Enjoy.

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