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This Conversation Actually Took Place.

Today I (Ben) answered the phone at my place of employment in the retail business.

CALLER: Yes, I was wondering if you have a book in stock.

BEN: I can sure check for you. What’s the title?

CALLER: Children Who Remember Previous Lives. The subtitle is, “A Question of Reincarnation.”

BEN: Okay, let me look here. [searches computer] This is by Ian Stevenson? Children Who Remember Previous Lives, you said?


BEN: Unfortunately we don’t have that in stock but we could certainly order it for you. It looks like it would be here by the end of the week.

CALLER: Hmmm. Well, I can get it from Amazon tomorrow, so I think I’ll pass.

BEN: Well thanks for checking with us.


Less than five minutes later:


CALLER: Hi, I was wondering if you could check on a book for me?

BEN: Sure. Do you have the title?

CALLER: It’s Children Who Remember Previous Lives

BEN: Wait, did I just speak with you?

CALLER: Yes, I think you did.

BEN: This is the book by — [Ben checks the computer where the title is still up] — Ian Stevenson?


BEN: Um. We … don’t … have it.

CALLER: But I’m looking for another one of his books.

BEN: Oh, okay. I thought you were asking about the same book.

CALLER: No I’m asking about Children Who Remember Previous Lives.

BEN: I, uh, believe that’s the one I looked up for you.

CALLER: But the author wrote another book called Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.

BEN: Oh, I see. [checking computer] You’re looking for Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. Yep, I see that as one we could order too. But this is a print-on-demand title — they actually print it when you order a copy — and it typically takes a little longer to arrive, usually seven to ten business days.

CALLER: No, I’m looking for Children Who Remember Previous Lives.

BEN: [speechless]

CALLER: Do you have that one in stock?

BEN [???]: No, we’d have to order that one for you.

CALLER: Oh. Well, I’ll pass then. Thanks.


The conversation taking place over at the Voreblog Readers Forum has shifted to best, rather than worst, concert experiences. There have also been a few inflammatory anti-Cleveland sentiments despite the fact many of our readers seem to have had quite positive musical experiences there. But what exactly was Mark Hoobler doing at a Yes concert around or about 1986, when he would have been just nine years old? Join the conversation here.


One thought on “This Conversation Actually Took Place.

  1. I had the same call with her. We’re untrustworthy. Or she kept dying and was instantaneously reincarnated and her ‘new’ self couldn’t remember so well what her ‘old’ self was up to.

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