friends, Scooter Thomas

We’ve Been Scooped.

Displaying the speed and ferocity with which he crashes the boards and dives for loose balls on the basketball court, Scott Guldin at has scooped us by posting (at least to our knowledge) the first pictures of Scooter Thomas on the Internet here. But be forewarned. He also engages in a bit of slander and character assassination that one might expect from someone who can abruptly grow large neck moles.

His dig on the Queen City and the “slate gray severity of southern Ohio” doesn’t sit well with us either, but it’s good to see him blogging again after a brief hiatus.

Scooter Thomas is reeling from the accusations and promises to tell his side of the story soon.

In the meantime we are on the lookout for the feared chupacabra, which has reportedly been spotted in the greater Cincinnati area.


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