Various Tactics Employed By Erin To Get Ben To Massage Her Feet

  • Leave the H20 Spa Soothing Mint Foot Rub Cream by Ben’s pillow.
  • When Ben is in another room, say, “OK, good night,” repeatedly until he comes in to find her with feet propped in the air.
  • Remark, “I think massaging my feet makes your biceps look bigger.”
  • Moan, “Oh, my feet are like sad sandwiches.”
  • Remind him of his wedding vows.
  • Say, “Would your face like a massage from my feet?”
  • Say, “I’ll probably come up with some great ideas for our next blog post while you rub my feet.”
  • Promise to pass less gas.
  • Make the saddest faces in the world.
  • Triple dog dare him.

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