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Read Something Else.

And by something else, may we specifically recommend the following options?

1. Eric Bescak biked to work every day this week and wrote about it. He also got himself in a little pickle with his boss’s boss’s boss.

2. The Sweeneyblog has gone bad! After giving us the smackdown, they have continued to wreak havoc on fellow baby blogs (here, here and here). Plus they’re now participating in events like the BMW/Halliburton Slide Marathon to Increase Poverty. They also eat unicorns.

3. The Rockist Society gives you a little taste of the new animated version of David Rees’ Get Your War On. It’s Groban. G-R-O-B-A-N. It’s pretty simple to pronounce.

4. And if you’ve never read this classic from the McSweeney’s vault about how to coach against Teen Wolf in a basketball game, you owe it to yourself to study the scouting report.


3 thoughts on “Read Something Else.

  1. YES! NUMBER 1!

    (Though I was trying to kind of bury that pickle entry…oh my conflicted exhibitionism.)

    Where others, like a gold medaling archer, may just hang up their bows and arrors after reaching their long-sought pinnacle, I will leverage my success and consequent influence to once more take aim at another target…your blog’s name.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about it this week. Maybe because I’ve been biking in monk-like silent contemplation for 10 hours. But like an angry contemplating monk…on a bike.

    If you’re going to rudely appropriate Carver, shouldn’t it be “What we blog about when we blog about [whatever].”

    And why Carver? Why further celebrate his glorifications of gin-sodden incompatible coupling?

    Again, I urge…and not just with my usual air of pained condescension…but this time with the sincerity of a friend with a background in corporate branding…to change your blog’s name before it’s too late. I’ve suggested “Vore-text” which you are totally free to use, after we set up some kind of profit-sharing agreement.

    And move away from Cinicinatti [sic].

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