Friday Recommends

Friday Recommends:

You’ve got things to do with your Friday, things like paying your rent, trying your hand in the stock market, and applying Lamisil to your befungused toe. So we’ll make this short and sweet. 

99% of all ecards suck.  Emily Huie introduced us to a site whose cup runneth over with funny, well-designed ecards that don’t make us want to sit on a pike.  Some lend themselves to the profane, but most are just quirky and fun. 

Check it out here.  Thank you, Emily.  That’s twice in one week you’ve brought us an unexpected dose of sunshine and joy.


2 thoughts on “Friday Recommends:

  1. So Friday I took Voreblog’s advice and checked out someecards. Nice. Thanks for the recommendation. I sent this card ( to my coworkers. Literally 20 seconds after I sent the link, our division vice president announced a series of layoffs that included my boss’s boss and – inevitably – his administrative assistant, who was one of the people I emailed. I’m a douche. Thanks, Voreblog!

  2. Is this true? We’re sure there are someecards that express the sentiment, Sorry-I-Sent-You-An-Inappropriate-Card-20-Minutes-Before-You-Were-Fired. And if not, there should be.

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